Apparently, This Member of Three 6 Mafia Isn’t Here For Rappers 'Stealing' Their Flow

Apparently, This Member of Three 6 Mafia Isn’t Here For Rappers 'Stealing' Their Flow

When paying homage goes wrong.

Published December 27, 2017

It's no secret that the ubiquitous, trunk-rattling sound of Three 6 Mafia has influenced two of the biggest hits this year, both "No Limit" and "Plain Jane" respectively. But, if you let pioneering member Gangsta Boo tell it, both artists need to spice up their catalog with a bit more orginality. 

Over the holiday weekend, the femcee took to Twitter to air out her grieviances over the rising popularity of the Memphis collective's sound being seemingly hijacked. “Stop stealing old 3 6 Mafia songs!!!!” Boo wrote in a tweet dated December 23. “Come up with your own music you stupid a** clowns.”

In the time since both tracks hit airwaves, listeners have continued to point out the striking similarity between Cardi B's verse on “No Limit” and ASAP Ferg's flow on “Plain Jane.” Their cadence more or less echoes Tear Da Club Up Thugs’ “Slob On My Knob.”

On Sunday (Dec. 24), however, producer Mike Will-Made-It took time out of his Christmas Eve celebrations to respond to Gangsta Boo, asserting that there's "only homage being paid from our side."

Gangsta Boo made it clear that Mike Will wasn't her intended target when she fired off the tweet, adding that she's been a fan of his music for years now. Mike Will then informed Gangsta Boo that he replied to simply "keep my face CLEAN out here." Mike also confirmed a Rae Sremmurd remix is on the way when he tweeted, "We def got a remake OTW !" with the hashtag #Sremm3. 

So, everything's good between Gangsta Boo and Mike Will. As for some of the other artists out there, we're not so sure.

Written by Kai Miller

(Photo: STEFANO PALTERA/AP/REX/Shutterstock)


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