Jay-Z And Beyoncé Are Using The Church Confessional To Settle The Carter ‘Family Feud’

(Photo: Tidal via Twitter)

Jay-Z And Beyoncé Are Using The Church Confessional To Settle The Carter ‘Family Feud’

Take a first look at the music video for Hov’s "4:44" single.

Published December 28, 2017

The nine-year power matrimony of Jay-Z and Beyoncé has come an amazingly long way.

Led by Queen Bey’s Grammy-nominated Lemonade project and followed up with Hov’s self-actualizing 4:44 opus, the intimately honest Carter family flaws were brought to the forefront in the last two years. Simultaneously, they’ve also brought the Carter family even closer and made them stronger than ever, a spiritual triumph of sorts brought to life in the Jay’s latest visual for the unifying “Family Feud” single. 

In the music video, slated for release on Friday (December 29) at none other than 4:44 p.m., Hov drops his sins at the church’s confessional.

TIDAL released a 34-second preview of the compelling visual where Hov is shot in a series of scenes around a palatial house of worship, one of which he seems to make his way toward the altar with Carter family first daughter, Blue Ivy, on his arm. Bey makes a royal debut at the head of the altar and behind the walls of the confessional box, the two places Jay seems to spend significant time at in the video. 

The preview concurrently introduces viewers to what appears to be a fatal account of infidelity, as a steamy scene of a Black man and white woman lustfully kissing ends in murder after she thrusts a knife into his back.

Better think twice about that call to Becky with the good hair.

Check out a teaser for the forthcoming “Family Feud” story, as visualized by the Carter family, below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Tidal via Twitter)


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