LOL: Master P Almost Broke His Kneecaps Trying To Dance Like The Youngins'

LOL: Master P Almost Broke His Kneecaps Trying To Dance Like The Youngins'

Did he really just do the "Chicken Head"?

Published January 11, 2018

Master P tried to show that he can still get down like the young cats in the game, and it was definitely a sight to see, to say the least. The veteran rapper shared a video of him dancing on social media on Jan. 11, and we’re just hoping he didn’t pull a muscle. 

The video of Master P seems to be captured in the studio. When the new tunes cut on the speakers, P gets pretty hype, leaping from his seat and into action. After a couple of soft bounces around the floor, the mogul begins to do his 2-step, accompanied by a couple of dabs. After trying to stir the pot  for a couple of breaths, he then reverts back to jumping from side to side. And there may have even been a “chicken head” move slipped in at the end.

It's not every day we see Master P trying to be like the youngins'; usually, he's the one mentoring them. But Master P may have been a little short-winded after that dance routine, but at least the 47-year-old was able to get through it without popping a hip or breaking those kneecaps. The dance routines are surely different from the routines that were popular back in his day, but it’s cool to see that he can still keep up with the times.

Check out the funny video of Master P below. 

#PressPlay: #MasterP better go off with the dance moves!! 😩 #MoodAll2018

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Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Master P via Instagram)


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