This Throwback Photo Diddy Posted Will Make You Second Guess That East Coast-West Coast Beef...

This Throwback Photo Diddy Posted Will Make You Second Guess That East Coast-West Coast Beef...

"Bet y’all never saw this before!"

Published January 17, 2018

Bad Boy Records leader and OG Diddy took a stroll down ‘90s memory lane on Tuesday (January 16) for fallen R&B angel Aaliyah’s birthday, and took a detour with a throwback of the late Bad Boy prodigy and rap legend Notorious B.I.G.

And while there’s several pre-rivalry pictures floating around of Biggie and the late, legendary West Coast hip-hop icon Tupac, Puff’s never-before-seen photo of the two gives all new meaning to their friendship-national-hip-hop-rivalry by way of a single T-shirt.

Taken somewhere in the golden ‘90s era of hip-hop, the photo shows Pac with his classic middle finger pose posted up with other Bad Boy flagbearers like Lil Cease, Junior M.A.F.I.A. and Live Squad member, Stretch. And we don’t use the word “other Bad Boy flagbearers” loosely, as every one of the hip-hop stars are donning “I’m a Bad Boy” T-shirts—including Pac.

“Bet y’all never saw this before!” Puff wrote in the caption. “Tupac, BIGGIE, @invisiblebully_ , [Lil Cease] and [the] Jr mafia!! STRETCH IS UP IN THERE ALSO. All in IM A BAD BOY T SHIRTS. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT THAT WAS.”

He doesn’t give much insight as to when or where the picture was snapped, but it’s safe to assume that it was definitely prior to the rap rivalry that would inadvertently end their lives in 1996 and 1997, respectively. Considering that Pac was mobbing deep into Suge Knight’s Death Row Records label after his signage, it’s also apparent that it was taken in the earlier days of his legendary rap career.

Simpler times.

See another one of Pac and Biggie’s more cherished moments, courtesy of Puff, in the photo below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo from left: Steve Granitz Archive/WireImage, Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)


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