Chamillionaire Claps Back At Critics Amid Backlash For Helping An Immigrant Family

Chamillionaire during Chamillionaire In Concert - November 30, 2006 at The Forum in Kentish Town, Great Britain. (Photo by Simon Horswell/FilmMagic)

Chamillionaire Claps Back At Critics Amid Backlash For Helping An Immigrant Family

The "Ridin' Dirty" rapper certainly had time today.

Published January 24, 2018

Chamillionaire has certainly come a long way from dominating the top of the charts with his break-out single "Ridin' Dirty."

Since 2005, the rapper has settled into a life outside of the spotlight that consists of multiple business endeavors and a bit of activism. 

Most recently, the Houston loyalist used his celebrity status for good after learning of an immigrant family's harrowing situation. However, when his words and actions got some serious backlash from a Trump-era swath of social media users, Chamillionaire found it best to respond with a couple of posts of his own.

In a series of video posts, via Instagram, the rapper details his efforts to help the family of Jorge Garcia, a man of Mexican descent who was deported from the United States and split from his loved ones after spending 30 years in America. While some people were extremely helpful in helping Chamillionaire locate Cindy Garcia, Jorge's wife, plenty of others were ready and waiting with criticism, something that the rapper was quick to swat aside with relish.

Apparently, a few of Chamillionaire's critics simply didn't understand "why a Black man would want to help Mexicans" in any way. In fact, many of those same people think Black people should only help those of the same ethnicity as them. The emcee, who is from Texas and comes from immigrant parents, vehemently disagrees with that position.

But, that wasn't all the rapper had to say. He continued his response to detractors in a follow up video. 

Take a look at Chamillionaire's full remarks on the ordeal below. To support the Garcia family's GoFundMe that Chamillionaire mentions in the video, click here

Written by Kai Miller

(Photo: Simon Horswell/FilmMagic)


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