YG Says He's Got Cardi B's Back For All-Star Weekend After She Made An Anti-Crip Slur

YG Says He's Got Cardi B's Back For All-Star Weekend After She Made An Anti-Crip Slur

The Bompton rapper says Bartier Cardi will be safe during the high-profile event.

Published February 11, 2018

Cardi B’s recent diss of Crips landed her in some major trouble, and it’s the worst timing for it as she plans to make a trip to Los Angeles to perform three times during NBA All-Star Weekend.

Luckily, she has a friend in YG. The Compton rapper recently spoke with TMZ and said she should have no issues in L.A. as long as he’s around.

"The homegirl straight," YG said. "She get love. She gets love from me, know what I'm saying."

The venues at which Bartier Cardi’s performing are supposedly taking the threats seriously and planning to beef up security when she performs.

Originally, Card B posted a photo of herself on Instagram and in the caption, wrote "I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin." In gang culture, attempts to avoid pronouncing the letter beginning with the name of what you’re saying is perceived as disrespect.

After she was pressed by a known Crip member she didn’t back down.

“Where you got me wrong is ALWAYS BEEN IN THE STREETS. I'm militant i know my oath my nation like the back of my hands I came from the streets. I been banging shit since 16 NOT AFTER FAME OR BODAK.

"I'm new to the world. I'm not new in the Bronx or in NY," she added. "N****s want to make it a big deal cause I'm CARDI. NY is mix with bloods and crips and i deff know crips in the Pjs I came home that park shit. We say these type of words all the time all of a sudden the world is mad. Now my thing is how was n****s that soo call claim they ‘GANGSTA’ telling me they next move? That’s how i figure it’s for clout! Cause a real gangsta do shit in silence. I will never let nobody extort me. I rather drop my flag that’s against my law. I might as well get Kill. I rather get kill and i will never let nobody put fear in my heart.”

See YG’s interview with TMZ below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Scott Dudelson and Desiree Navarro/WireImage/Getty Images


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