Premiere: R&B Novice Mitch Gives Fans A Sexy Thrill To Enjoy For His ‘Jersey’ Visual

Premiere: R&B Novice Mitch Gives Fans A Sexy Thrill To Enjoy For His ‘Jersey’ Visual

The fresh Interscope Records talent channels modern Michael Jackson for the night.

Published March 27, 2018

Recreating the work of the late, great Michael Jackson to any degree is a daring and daunting task, especially for artists emerging in the millennial era.

26-year-old R&B crooner Mitch fears not, as he captivatingly scoops up a piece of the King of Pop’s Thriller magnum opus for his sexy, scary “Jersey” music video.

The new Interscope Records signee conjures up a tantalizing narrative as he and his lover prepare for a night of intimacy only to be beguiled by sultry, seducing temptresses. His lover is reluctant at first, as they roam through the dark, shadowy home of deep, sexy colors and even sexier women at every corner. But when they finally escape the vixens and enter a room alone, Mitch’s lover exposes a lusty side of her he’s never seen right before being yanked back into reality from what actually was a spine-chilling nightmare.

In homage to MJ’s “Thriller,” he ends the titillating sequence with the signature werewolf eyes that possess his hazel-toned irises. Mitch’s smooth, bass-heavy “Jersey” single is a valiant melodic and visual launch to his Space debut, which is slated for April 20. Born in Houston and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, his talent is as versatile as his origins, which include songwriting and producing for hits like “I Ain’t Lyin” and “IDGAF.”

While “Jersey” proves that he’s ready to throw in the towel on his player card, he’s logging a worthy entry into the R&B playbook while he’s at it.

Allow him to scare you out of your pants and into the bed with "Jersey" below.  

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Ro.lex, courtesy of Interscope Records)


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