SMH: Tamar Braxton Is Dragging This Restaurant For Racial Discrimination

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SMH: Tamar Braxton Is Dragging This Restaurant For Racial Discrimination

"Don't go here! We are just Black people to them!"

Published April 5, 2018

A restaurant in Cabo, Mexico, apparently didn’t know what they were in for when R&B songstress Tamar Braxton arrived at their premises.

And after they delivered customer service that was not only poor, but discriminatory (as she described it), they should be on the lookout for any Tamartians traveling to Mexico.

Tamar took her scathing review to her Instagram story, where she left the name of the restaurant undisclosed but all of the terrible details of her experience public for her fans to see.

“Restaurant in Cabo [eye-rolling emoji],” she wrote. “After how horrible our food was…they made us pay $25 for water and a napkin.”

But that was only the beginning. After she presumably left the restaurant for their poor service and prices, she claims that the staff followed her and her party outside of the venue and threatened their lives. She apparently witnessed them dapping each other in some sort of approval, which she said she was confused by considering that something major went over their heads in their discriminatory behavior.

“SMH!! Y’all don’t know?” she said. “WE ARE ALL [minorities] why do you look at Black people as less than? SMH Don’t go here! We are just Black people to them.”

The Love & War artist even said that she spent $1,000 on a meal in Mexico, which could have at least been up to par considering her disappointing experience.

SMH. It looks like the more things change around the globe, the more they stay the same.

See her piss-poor review of the restaurant below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage)


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