Erykah Badu’s Clapback Under This Nicki Minaj Post Can Be Taken One Of Two Ways...

Erykah Badu’s Clapback Under This Nicki Minaj Post Can Be Taken One Of Two Ways...

“Smfh y’all fake af…”

Published April 11, 2018

Neo-soul virtuoso Erykah Badu is one of the internet’s most undisputed clap back queens with a wide-ranging skillset of shade-throwing.

Except, fans couldn’t figure out which direction she was throwing the shade in this time when she responded to a fan’s gripe about her celebratory Nicki Minaj post.

Fat Belly Bella reposted Nicki’s titillating cover art for her new, Thursday (April 12)-slated single “Chun-Li” on Instagram. In typical Insta-hater fashion, one user reached for a problem with the post, claiming Badu’s favoritism for Nicki among other deserving femcees like Remy Ma and Lil Kim.  

“Why y’all ain’t support remy and Kim like this tho??” the user wrote. “Smfh y’all fake af.”

Instead of holding a one-sentence dragging session for the individual, another one of Badu’s internet savvies, she responded with one word: “who.” Instagram’s celebrity buzz hub The Shade Room reposted the exchange, leaving the interpretation of Erykah’s response up to the users.

“I think Ms. Badu is asking who she [the commenter] calling fake,” one Instagrammer wrote. “That’s my take.” Another argued that “it can definitely be taken two ways,” but definitely had to backtrack and think twice on the possibility that she could have been tossing shade to Kimmie and Rem.

The speculation didn’t last long after the “Window Seat” songstress posted a photo of the Brooklyn femcee with a message to her detractors.

“Hey bb @lilkimthequeenbee what up bkln,” she wrote. “…now HEA! Don’t put me in this ‘pick a side’ sheeeit. That’s unhealthy lil hittas.”

Shout-out to a real one.

See Erykah handle a clap back and clarification in the posts below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: C Flanigan/Getty Images, Mindy Small/FilmMagic)


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