Premiere: James The Mormon Puts On For The Home Team With “Buck Wild”

Premiere: James The Mormon Puts On For The Home Team With “Buck Wild”

Nothing bands people together like hip-hop.

Published April 12, 2018

Few things scream “hip-hop” like a good ol’ cypher, and James The Mormon knows it.

Hopping in the ring (literally) with a few of his Salt Lake City cohorts—uMaNg, Zac Ivie, Rhyme Time, Eddington, Shelbadine, D Blacc and Underground Ambitionz—the rapper/singer/songwriter puts his entire state on the map with his new visuals for “Buck Wild.”

Of course, the track, which features the perfect amount of sonic minimalism necessary for a hot 16, finds each rapper showcasing his own distinctive flow. From staccato cadences to double entendres to just the right dose of braggadocio, the sport of rhyme is put on full display. But for James, the mission of “Buck Wild” was deeper than rap.

“Utah’s hip-hop scene may not be enormous, but it definitely exists. ‘Buck Wild’ was about three things,” he explains. “One, showcasing the raw talent that Utah has. Two, attempting to unify Utah’s hip-hop scene. And three, showing that things like religion and race, what you look like or how you choose to live, doesn’t have to segregate a people. You can be different and still find commonalities. Each rapper on ‘Buck Wild’ is completely different in some way, but it was our true love for hip-hop that brought us together.”

“Buck Wild” will appear on James The Mormon’s upcoming We Came to Play album, dropping May 2. The pre-sale, which begins on April 23, will see half of its profits split between Our Underground Railroad, a charity dedicated to rescuing children from sex trafficking, as well as the main homeless shelter in Salt Lake City.

Watch James The Mormon put on for his city in “Buck Wild” below:

Written by Iyana Robertson

(Photo: Courtesy of James The Mormon)


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