Kevin Hart Suffers The Effects Of Infidelity In J. Cole’s New ‘Kevin’s Heart’ Music Video

Kevin Hart Suffers The Effects Of Infidelity In J. Cole’s New ‘Kevin’s Heart’ Music Video

The A-listed humorist is placing his former cheating scandal on camera.

Published April 24, 2018

Dreamville rap idol J. Cole dropped off the second visual from his newly released K.O.D. album for the self-actualizing “Kevin’s Hart” track: a song that simultaneously challenges the conscious of an infidelitous mind and the love of drugs.

And who better to include the person who not only inspired the track’s eponymous title and recently experienced an infidelity lapse of his own: Hollywood film and comedy luminary, Kevin Hart.

The music video storylines the days after Kevin’s sensationalized 2017 cheating and extortion scandal where he issued a public apology to his then-pregnant wife, Eniko Hart. Video footage of Kev sexually involved with women collapsed the internet and placed the couple under a scrutinizing microscope as fans placed a scarlet letter on his chest for the adultery.

Kevin goes through the nuances of everyday life as a father—grocery shopping, stopping at red lights, picking up baby goods—but, his status as a shamed celebrity husband amid the scandal causes these duties to be twice as stressful. If it isn’t a temptress woman attempting to seduce him into more treachery, it’s a horde of judgmental, castigating bystanders turning their nose up at him. Not to mention, he can’t take a simple car ride without hearing his personal life blasted all over the radio. The video makes it clear that the spotlighted news of his cheating not only swept through Hollywood, but everyday communities and citizens.

Cole also makes a small cameo during a scene where both Hollywood dads struggle to manage with a baby stroller. However, Kevin is the star and shame of the video’s plot, reflecting the inner-directed lyricism on the consequences of love and loyalty’s breach.

And the internet is glued to their screens, just as they were in December 2017, to witness the entire thing.

Watch “Kevin’s Heart” and see what fans are saying this time around below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/WireImage, Manny Hernandez/Filmmagic)


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