Common's Thoughts On Kanye West Is Worth A Huge Round Of Applause

Common's Thoughts On Kanye West Is Worth A Huge Round Of Applause

He's finally opening up about his fellow Chicago emcee and friend.

Published May 7, 2018

As a fellow Chicago native and longtime friend of Kanye West’s, Common is the latest Hollywood face to voice his opinion on the GOOD Music vanguard’s incitive social media spectacle in the past week.

Contrary to some of the more irritable responses, the “Come Close” rapper shared sentiments on a bigger picture surrounding ‘Ye’s controversy.

TMZ caught up with Common as he left L.A.’s Equinox gym to get this take on Yeezy’s latest publicity. His focus, as he believes everyone else’s should also be, is not on the social media shenanigans, though.

“Aye, it’s a lot going on in the world like women being dragged out of Waffle House, like Black people being shot down in the streets,” he said. “We got people in the government, the president and the others, lying and creating divisiveness.”

According to Common, focusing on tweets and comments of a provocative nature in a time where individuals have the power to change unfair and unjust conditions is a bit counterproductive. And while he also he doesn’t endorse any of ‘Ye’s commentary or remarks, he does understand the essence of peaceful agreeing to disagree.

“No matter what, Kanye is my brother,” he said. “No matter what. So, it’s no beginning to the end. That’s my brother, I love him. I don’t agree with everything he says, and he’s thinking.”

Common doesn't always agree with the words or actions of those he holds close to his heart, he reiterated, but that doesn’t mean his love for them changes to any degree nor that he won’t still share his piece of mind with them.

In other words, he concludes, he won’t be aligning himself with the Yeezy controversy, but also won’t be going to war with him over it either.

Listen to his thoughts in the clip below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Mat Hayward/Getty Images for The Blackhouse Foundation, Pierre Suu/Getty Images)


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