Welp: Nicki Minaj Has A Response For Those Fake Meek Mill Accusations

Welp: Nicki Minaj Has A Response For Those Fake Meek Mill Accusations

Courtesy of her loyal Barbs Army…

Published May 10, 2018


UPDATE (5/10/18, 1:30 p.m.): It looks like two-thirds of The Breakfast Club might need to do some fact-checking before their next guest’s radio interview, especially after the confusion that followed behind their sit-down with MMG rap star Meek Mill.

As previously reported, the Philly-native shared his thoughts on Nicki’s Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe, stating that he “wasn’t feeling” her remarks. While asking Meek about the matter, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God said that the Queens raptress commented that “the judge did the right thing, or something like that.” Meek himself had even said he’d never heard her say anything to that effect, but of course, his fans went on an anti-Nicki rampage anyway.

But not without some fact-based clap backs from the Barbs, who took to The Shade Room to defend their leader. One Instagrammer made note of how tiring it is to watch Black men jump the gun so quick when it comes to defaming a Black woman, adding that Nicki had already done enough.

“I’m so tired of black men blaming black women for their problems,” she wrote. “Nicki doesn’t owe Meek ANYTHING. She simply said that the judge did what she asked of her which was allow Meek to be on house arrest instead of prison when he violated in 2016.”

The user made note that Nicki went above and beyond, writing letters and even meeting with President Obama and the governor with hopes to have his case tossed out. Not to mention the “3,000 rap beefs” (including the one with her own Young Money label mate, Drake) that she rode with him through, the user concluded.

Nicki showed up to throw a green check on the user’s comment with a simple, “God bless you” written to her. Another user seconded those sentiments, stating that she watched the interview and Envy straight-up lied.

“What Nicki said…WHEN SHE WAS ASKED, was that it made her cry seeing Meek’s mom cry however she’s not going to come on the radio and [badmouth] the judge because she spoke to her personally and the judge did everything she asked her to do but she’s not going to be into legal issues right now.”

The Instagrammer reiterated the previous fan’s sentiments that Nicki did a lot on Meek’s behalf amid his legal struggles like begging the judge and testifying for him.

“She does not owe him a single thing,” the user wrote. “When the entire industry was switching up on nicki and lies were being spread that he allegedly started he said he played along with it for laughs.”

Nicki gave her stamp of approval on that message as well.

Nicki fan or not—the facts are the facts, guys.

See how Nicki greenlit her Barbs’ vouches below.  

Original story below:  

Philly rap star Meek Mill has been a free man for about two weeks now, and in that time, he’s been busy interviewing and conferencing to discuss justice reform and his experience behind bars amid an unjust ruling and sentencing.

For the world’s most dangerous morning show, a.k.a. The Breakfast Club, however, Meek got a few things off his chest about his former girlfriend and femcee megastar Nicki Minaj after hearing her thoughts on his legal troubles.

Around the 13:30 mark, the conversation shifts from the controversial Judge Genece Brinkley, who oversaw Meek’s case and showed proven biases against him, to Nicki’s commentary.

In her first interview of 2018 with Apple's Beats 1 radio, the “Chun-Li” rapper remained tight-lipped about the matter, but said she wouldn’t “badmouth” Brinkley due to having met her personally, but she “did everything [Nicki] asked of her.” Meek, on the other hand, would have preferred for the Young Money rapstress to not even have said that much.

“I wasn’t feeling that, she shouldn’t have said nothing,” he said on The Breakfast Club. “And we leave it at that. I don’t feel no way. She knows I wasn’t feeling that.”

Meek added that his personal feelings for anyone would never intercept his willingness to be honest, especially when matters of liberty and justice for that person are at hand.

“When it comes to freedom and stuff like that, I don’t care who it is—this could be Safaree, this could be anybody—if I know something, and that man's freedom on the line and I could say something to help the situation, it’s right or wrong, I’m gonna say it,” he said. “And if I don’t say it, I’m not gonna say nothing at all.”

Later on, Charlamagne Tha God asks whether he misses Nicki, to which he replied cordially. Meek let it be known that he still has no problems with her, and admitted that there were times that he went out of character after their breakup.

“I don’t have no problem with someone I used to love and someone I was in a relationship with,” he clarified.

When Charlamagne asked whether or not they’ve had a conversation, reiterating her sentiments from the Beats 1 interview, Meek said that they hadn’t, and was still confused as to what she meant by her remarks.

“Yeah, I don’t know what she was talking about right there,” he said. “No, we ain’t speak about none of that, though.”

Written by Diamond Alexis

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