Premiere: Akbar V And 21 Savage Are Up To The Bars And Down For Whatever In ‘Wit It’

Premiere: Akbar V And 21 Savage Are Up To The Bars And Down For Whatever In ‘Wit It’

Atlanta has a new lady of rap ready for her hip-hop debut.

Published May 11, 2018

As Georgia’s Black Hollywood hub, formally known as Atlanta, continues to flourish avant-garde sound and breed fresh talent into the era-driven world of hip-hop, Akbar V’s arrival is timed perfectly.

The Cleveland Ave.-bred female rapper brings a worthy entry along with her alongside one of ATL’s biggest trap music names, 21 Savage: the dynamically melodic yet menacing banger, “Wit It.” As the industry scene becomes more immersed with versatile talents in melody, production, songwriting, and engineering, raw rap talent is still desperately sought after.

Akbar’s fearless attempt at this is found in the first post-chorus verse as she gets straight to the bars.

“Big dawg, big dawg status, no need to ask what happened,” she spits. “Lot of n**gas screamin’ no cap, but they be the ones that’s cappin’/ No scrubs, no love, heart colder than ice buds/ All my n**gas that I lost, I shed a tear, let go a dove.”

The “young trap b**ch” doesn’t shy away from her aggression either, a necessary trait for emerging hip-hop artists looking to solidify a lane in rap’s big leagues. Given that 21 follows her up on the second verse with his signature braggadocio, making Akbar the second female rapper he’s lent a feature for after Bronx rap star Cardi B, there’s no question as to how much pressure she’s willing to apply for her jump through the hip-hop scene’s glass ceiling.

"This record is really the introduction to Akbar V," she says of the track. "I'm real Atlanta, so I had to come hard with home team 21 Savage to make #WitIt what it needed to be. I pulled up on him at the studio, we knocked it out and the rest is history. I'm [gonna] always talk that #BigMamaTalk. No cappin'."

As the first single of her forthcoming Grazela Blanco mixtape, the track is a worthy assurance that she’s well on her way to clearing out a lane for her industry debut.

Listen to her official “Wit It” record featuring 21 Savage below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Gouch)


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