Oop: Brandy And This 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Are Taking Serious Shots At Each Other On Instagram

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Oop: Brandy And This 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Are Taking Serious Shots At Each Other On Instagram

"You've hurt my family. All we've ever done is love you..."

Published May 14, 2018

Boiling tension between Love & Hip Hop star Moniece Slaughter and Lady of Soul Brandy brewed over on Saturday (May 12) via Instagram, and all thanks to an evidently misunderstood remark from the former.

It all started beneath an Instagram post from one of Brandy’s producer trustees, Camper, where he posted photos of him and the R&B songstress working together in the studio. Moniece’s four words in the comments section, “I love you. But…” led to an interpretation from Brandy that she was shading her vocal talents.

“@moniece_slaughter will sing you and your entire family underneath the table…” she replied. “Go practice and then holla.”

Actually, Moniece corrected her, saying her cliffhanging “but…” was referring to text messages that she claims she sent six months ago and have gone ignored. She saluted Brandy for her gift, asserting that she’d never take shots at her for such a thing. However, she doesn’t always appreciate the ways in which she uses her gift, Moniece continued.

“Your talent isn’t what’s in question here dear,” she wrote in the comment. “It’s your character. @4everbrandy I’ll save my screen shots for tomorrow. For now, I’ll enjoy my day and my family!!!! You do the same. We’ll get real tomorrow.”

Moniece held herself to it, and posted another lengthy address to the Full Moon singer with saddening claims against her.

“As badly as I want to expose her, as badly as I want to post screenshots, I’m going to be honest instead,” she said in her new statement. “@4everbrandy You have hurt my feelings time and again. You’ve hurt my family. All we’ve ever done was love on you. For 16 years. All we’ve done was love you.”

Moniece doesn’t specify, but added that some words and actions from Brandy cut deeply, and though she’s no angel herself, she feels Brandy gets away with it because she only privately does her “dirt.” The 31-year-old said there’s others who have also been wronged by her, and she’s got receipts that would “destroy” her. However, Moniece said, she refused to do so.

“Yes you sing your face off,” she said. “But you’ve also labeled your background vocal files after my dad’s group. My vocal style. My tone. Was taught to me…by you! So instead of tearing you down. I challenge you instead to pick up the phone and call me.”

Moniece reiterated that her talent is the least of her worries, but calls Brandy’s character into question instead.

Afterward, she posted a screenshot of text messages sent to the songstress where she urges her to stay off of her sister-in-law Princess Love (another one of Moniece’s known foes) Instagram Live, and confront her instead.

“And you ain’t gotta lie about sending me text messages to my mom,” she wrote. “You can send em straight to me. Let me know when you’re ready to talk. Privately.”

Brandy has not yet publicly responded to her, but we hope for the sake of these ladies and their families that they'll resolve things sooner than later. 

See the exchange that sparked it all and Moniece's message to Brandy below. 

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Written by Diamond Alexis

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