Cardi B Finally Explains What Happened In That Video Of Fans Trying To Fight Her

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Cardi B Finally Explains What Happened In That Video Of Fans Trying To Fight Her

Bardi Gang, we need to have a talk...

Published May 15, 2018

Following a surfaced video of Bronx femcee Cardi B’s nearly physical confrontation with a group of shoppers outside of a clothing store, much speculation rose as to what ignited the heated exchange.

The mother-to-be now has an explanation for what really went down, and her description of the incident is an all-too familiar case when it comes to the Invasion of Privacy star.

According to Cardi, the incident began after a man asked her for a picture, which she declined. She says afterward, he ignored her request and continued his pursuit, pulling out his phone and getting beside her to snap the photo anyway.

“And my security told him, ‘She said, no,’ then the guy and his girl started calling me a wack a** b***h so I started barking,” Cardi elaborated.

Apparently, the pushy fans followed her all the way to the store and argued with her along the way. Bardi believes they were inebriated as well, and resented their choice to disrespect her “decision, space [and] privacy.”

A Bardi Gang member chimed in on her Twitter explanation claiming that the 25-year-old “never” shows her fans love, and that she’s “hurting” them in doing so. Cardi would have this particular fan know, however, that she always snaps photos with fans. But, she’s never obligated to do so, and she must be careful of intentions of people who ask to get close to her.

Cardi makes an excellent point considering that she’s currently with child and must be extra cautious of her personal safety. This wouldn’t be the first time she’s dealt with overbearing fans, either. Just one week ago, her security team had to *ahem* handle a fan who also jumped the gun when she rejected his request for an autograph. Back in November, one fan even got handsy with the 25-year-old, which called for a rather aggravated response from Cardi as well.

We know you love her, Bardi Gang, but respect comes first.

Read her explanation of the heated incident below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

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