Snoop Dogg Hit The Nail On The Head With This Comment About Black Women

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Snoop Dogg Hit The Nail On The Head With This Comment About Black Women

Listen up, Kimye!

Published May 18, 2018

We can always depend on West Coast hip-hop legend and “Bible of Love” rap reverend Snoop Dogg to come through with a sermon of all sermons, just as he did on Friday’s show of The Breakfast Club.

Uncle Snoop dropped in on the trio of the world’s most dangerous morning show and dropped some praiseworthy gems on Black women as they relate to the Kanye West problem. Envy segued into the conversation by mentioning Snoop’s recent social media post about a wife’s impact on a man’s evolution.

  1. Snoop’s post directly mentioned Jay-Z and Kanye to reflect that message, informing everyone that who the men respectively chose as their wives is telling of how their lives and wellbeing is shaping up

    Envy also asked whether Snoop feels ‘Ye might be lacking that marital support at home, especially since if it were him, his wife would have him by the neck.

     “She not gonna sympathize with you and say, ‘Oh, Envy’s just, you know, thinking freely,’” Snoop agreed. “No, I’m gonna slap the dog sh** out of you if you say some sh** like that n**ga! When your kids are looking at you—what you doing, n**ga?”

  2. His next point is worth an encore, round of applause, standing ovation and some more

    “But what I’m saying is—and I hate to be black and white—there’s no Black women in his life,” Snoop said. “Let’s just keep that 100. That’s real, man.”

    Even Uncle Snoop has aunties that he says will pull up on him in their church hats to check him when he’s tripping. When it came to Kanye’s public decline, he believed it was just kicks and giggles at first, but then it quickly turned saddening.

    When Angela Yee mentions elsewhere in the interview of one of the most pressing concerns fans believe is responsible for ‘Ye’s erratic behavior, the death of his mother Donda West, Snoop sympathized and reminded them of how her influence impacted an entire Yeezy era.

    “Exactly,” he said. “But that’s when I started to think how she was instrumental in his life. Remember the music he was making when she was here and the spirit that he had? That’s gone now. if you’ve never lost your mother, you don’t understand that feeling.”

    As for the Kardashians, Snoop’s sentiment was reminiscent of the infamous Kardashian curse that many men who have dated one of the reality television sisters have fallen victim to. He names those such as basketball star Lamar Odom, Kanye himself, and even their brother, Rob Kardashian.

    “But the women on point,” he reminds of the often unscathed sisters. “Million dollar deals. Walking the runway. Selling makeup. Emojis.”

    And if Travis Scott, ‘Ye’s GOOD Music signee and baby’s father of the youngest sister Kylie Jenner, knows what’s good for him, Snoop adds, he’d get away while he can.

    “Better get that cup of tea away from that n**ga,” he said. “Travis, if you’re listening, get out now, n**ga!”

  3. And fans are seconding those sentiments as well. See Snoop's full 'The Breakfast Club' conversation and see how fans feel about his commentary on Black women below...

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)


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