Too Petty? Tamar Rips Into Tank For 'Protecting' His Band Mates After They Allegedly Ditched Her

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Too Petty? Tamar Rips Into Tank For 'Protecting' His Band Mates After They Allegedly Ditched Her

This got personal.

Published July 8, 2018

Well, this is a feud no one saw coming. R&B singers Tamar Braxton and Tank spent the majority of yesterday dragging each other to hell over band mates. The exchange got nasty and we all know Tamar never backs down from a fight. 

On Thursday, July 5, Tamar Braxton claimed she fired her entire band because they did not appear for a show in Philadelphia. Allegedly, they ditched her for a show at the Essence Music Festival. See Tamar's Instagram story below:

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    She performed with just a DJ and wrote on IG, “Well my band is fired( tag the bestest) ..CAUSE….my tour got picked up today officially." The comment has now been edited but see the original post below:

  2. For some reason, Tank decided to insert himself, posting a video with Tamar's former bandmates and writing, "I have the band and I’m not letting them go!... On some real shit though sis don’t attack these kids on social media." He claimed "they’d never intentionally miss a gig" and added, "if someone in your camp is telling you something different, which i know they are, it’s a lie." See the comment and video: 

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    Tamar quickly responded by saying the post was a "bitch ass move" and she only let people  know the band canceled because fans were expecting a show with live music. 

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  5. Tank responded saying he was just "proecting" his boys then got extremely personal and wrote, "You won't win this one because I can show text messages between them and your husband. At least I think he's your husband… Don't get out of character because no one will eat yo nasty ass."

  6. Clearly, this sent Tamar into a social media rage, she ranted, "I’ve ALREADY won! That’s what winners do!!!…lets not get into relationship status!! I’m sure you would like to be a husband, but how do you tell your girlfriend about your wife I have the REAL receipts cause it happened to ME not YOU and guess what? It is what it is!! I’m over and done with it and I’m going to say this one more time STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS!! You are completely OUT OF ORDER!! Only a true QUEEN would call a woman nasty. Smh."

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    That was enough to silence Tank, as of now, he hasn't responded. 

    Tank might want to let this one go, Tamar has went to war with the best of them and usually comes out victorious. 

Written by Renee Samuel


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