This Is Only The Beginning For Hip-Hop Newcomer AK In His ‘Life Like This’ Music Video

This Is Only The Beginning For Hip-Hop Newcomer AK In His ‘Life Like This’ Music Video

The New Jersey-native continues to be a growing force.

Published July 9th

South Brunswick, New Jersey’s AK is taking the hand (or mic) that hip-hop gave him, and gunning for a win with it.

Establishing himself on the millennial rap scene’s SoundCloud breeding grounds, AK stacked up 17 million streams and nabbed 70 million views in his early digital hip-hop scene presence. His Sway in the Morning appearance added a worthy cosign touch to the noise, after the hip-hop media personality likened him to Eminem’s pre-rap icon days. With such strength in his hip-hop starting position, things tend to only go up from there, and life for him is just taking off. Thus, his new video for “Life Like This” speaks volumes to all of it.

Mobs of spirited fans pile up in lines to open up the visual, as they sport hoodies and other AK logo apparel to boost their support of the Selfish rapper. AK is seen in his pre-show element, coordinating with stage crews, maintaining a hands-on approach to all things AK—from merch and fan interactions— and parlaying with his closest of friends during the day-to-day lifestyle of a determined hip-hop artist.

The plights of rap contest aren’t lost on him though, which is evident in his lyricism for the track.

“Shoulda known that the flow so sick, catch a cold, leave you with the red nose like a reindeer,” he raps.

Allow AK to spit to you the rest of the fruits he’s discovering of his hip-hop labor in the video for “Life Like This” below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: YouTube)


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