Lord: 50 Cent And Papoose Are Now In A Full-Blown Instagram War

Lord: 50 Cent And Papoose Are Now In A Full-Blown Instagram War

After blocking Remy Ma, Fif is bringing in Nicki Minaj for another jab...

Published July 10th

As expected, New York’s business powerhouse (and social media’s dubbed hip-hop bully) 50 Cent refused to back down after initiating an Instagram war with Papoose following a comment left on a photo of Remy Ma, Pap’s Bronx femcee wife.

Pap clapped back swiftly, sending a straight-shooter at Fif by dragging Daphne Joy, the mother of his son, into the backfire. But the response was only more fuel added to the Queens-bred rap icon’s fire. Now the men are going full force on a keyboard brawl with Pap digging into old photos that he suggests gives a whole new meaning to Fif’s “get the strap” social media tagline. But not without Fiddy’s Nicki Minaj recruitment, a block button on Rem’s IG account, and some text-edits of his own from Rem and Pap’s wedding vow renewal ceremony.

Here are some of the most savage shots unloaded from the men:

  1. Fif held back nothing in his shot sent at the Mackey household...
  2. Pap also did away with any cut cards...

    He posted a photo of 50 with a literal "strap." But Fif bucked back with a photo (and likely faux statement) of the Mackey’s rap nemesis, Nicki Minaj, and a less-than-flattering photo of Papoose.

    (Swipe left)

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  3. 50 also announced that he’d be blocking Rem until further notice (or until she can “get control of her husband and sh**") …
  4. It was a while before either of the men let up...

    Pap posted yet another throwback photo of Fif with a sex toy, and Fif came with more flirty banter for his wife (telling Remy that he’s going to "kiss [her] in the mouth" when he sees her) before the fire finally ceased.  

    (Swipe left)

    Alright, fellas. Time to give up the phones.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images, Prince Williams/Getty Images)


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