Drake Had Choice Words For Kanye West In An Old Video Someone Dug Up...

Drake Had Choice Words For Kanye West In An Old Video Someone Dug Up...

"Kanye is playing with my emotions...Kanye is going to piss me off for real."

Published July 13, 2018

The public still isn’t certain of the current status between OVO Sound chief Drake and G.O.O.D. Music helmer Kanye West.

The first turn of the tide happened upon the release of the Chicago rap icon’s 2018 ye album, when a few songwriting mix-ups led to Drizzy being left off of the credits. The revelation that Kanye may or may not have leaked information about Drake’s fatherhood to Pusha T, G.O.O.D. Music president and Drizzy’s rap nemesis, couldn’t have possibly made matters any better. Especially considering that King Push used the confidentiality as ammo in his scorching “Story of Adidon” diss record against Drake.

Yeezy nor Drake have publicly shared their thoughts on such sticky situations, leaving the subject matter of where the men stand with each other open to many possibilities. We do know where Drizzy stood with Ye back in the day before they fostered such a close working relationship, however, thanks to a video posted by hip-hop commentator DJ Akademiks.

  1. The video, titled ‘Drake Talks About His Frustration With Kanye West,’ is evidently old

    A younger, less-seasoned Drizzy is heard airing his gripes in what appears to be a studio as he starts off with a deep sigh upon mention of Kanye’s name. He says that he “can’t talk about that right now,” but then begins his venting. “Kanye playing with my emotions,” he says. “Kanye is going to piss me off for real.” He goes on to loosely mention some phone call, presumably with ‘Ye, that upset him.

  2. Judging by Drake’s next mention, Nicki Minaj’s 'Massive Attack' single, the footage was likely recorded circa 2012 (or any point after)

    It might also have had something to do with a collaboration that fell through the cracks. Apparently, Kanye didn’t want to remix the record from Drake’s Young Money femcee label mate, the Scorpion rapper can be heard revealing. But he’s visibly irritated at this, considering that Kanye told him something entirely different “the other day.” Another hint that the video took place well before Drizzy’s solo mega-stardom kicked in was his annoyance with Kanye giving him the runaround, as he goes on to say that the Chicago rapper told him that he was too busy to help him out with some beats for his album.

  3. 'That sh** pissed me off, for real,' he says in the video…

    It’s not clear which of Ye's albums Drake is referring to, but he suggests that if Kanye wasn’t working on his own project, he might have been more willing to work with The Boy. Fast-forward years later, and there's hardly a chance that the triple-time Grammy-winning, chart-dominating hip-hop phenomenon would be bothered by anyone snubbing him for beats, let alone a collaboration.

    But, check out this flashback to a time where that apparently wasn’t the case in the clip below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

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