YG Reportedly Arrested In Las Vegas On Felony Robbery Charges

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YG Reportedly Arrested In Las Vegas On Felony Robbery Charges

Casino video footage allegedly shows how the entire incident went down.

Published July 13th

Compton gangsta rap VIP YG was reportedly arrested in Las Vegas on felony robbery charges for the alleged snatch-and-run of a man’s diamond chain, according to TMZ.

  1. The site reports that the charges stem from an incident in May at the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino venue

    Las Vegas police shared with TMZ that a tense standoff between YG and the individual preceded the situation, as the man approached him and requested to take a photo, the site explains. After he was allegedly rejected by YG’s entourage, the man reportedly snubbed him, telling him that “he’s not a real celeb,” TMZ adds.

  2. Casino surveillance footage allegedly showed the ‘Stay Dangerous’ rapper then snatching the man’s chain, presumably in the midst of the hostile exchange

    TMZ reports that the incident occurred around 4 a.m., according to legal sources. The diamond-pendant necklace valued around $3,000 to $9,000, the site describes of the jewelry, then fell to the ground when YG picked it up and took off.

  3. TMZ concludes that the individual is suing the Compton rap star on physical charges

    Claiming that YG ordered a beatdown from his crew before his chain was taken, the man is suing for $250,000 as well. Currently, no statements from the "Big Bank" rapper nor his team regarding the arrest and incident have been released.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images)


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