Lil Boosie's Child's Mother Reveals Him Threatening To Give Black His Daughter A Black Eye

Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie's Child's Mother Reveals Him Threatening To Give Black His Daughter A Black Eye

The Louisiana rapper responded via his own Instagram Live.

Published July 16, 2018

The relationship between rap star Lil Boosie and the mother of his daughter Torianna has unfortunately taken a sour turn that landed on Instagram on Monday (July 16).

Apparently, an over-the-phone disagreement between the parents regarding their daughter escalated to volatile heights, as exposed in an audio recording. And she’s now airing some violently threatening statements that Boosie made against her and young Tori on their child’s Instagram Live, which she also oversees.

  1. In a clip from the live session, Tori’s mother first discusses Boosie’s legal controversy regarding the rapper’s alleged role in the murder of her brother and Tori’s uncle…

    She admitted that the entire thing took a toll on her, especially as a mother who couldn’t explain to her then-5-year-old daughter that her uncle was murdered by her father. “Even though he got acquitted,” she said, “because, you know, it ain’t what the streets have, they go by what you can prove.” She then plays back a recorded phone conversation with Boosie where the two are in an apparent verbal altercation. Boosie is evidently infuriated over something as he yells expletives and Tori’s mother is heard reasoning with him that “she didn’t tell anybody to diss [him].” Boosie tells her he’s going to “put a bag on her,” presumably a threat against her life. She then asks what he said to Tori to make her cry, and he angrily declares that he’s removing their daughter from his will. She also asks if he called their daughter a “b**ch,” which he doesn’t respond to. Instead, he’s heard saying, “I’m gonna black her f**king eye when I see her.”

    The two continue going back and forth, and Tori’s mom can then be heard mentioning a video, defending that it only said he was busy. Eventually, he begins taking shots at her deceased brother, calling him a “b**ch a**,” to which she responds to with, “You ain’t do nothing to my brother.”

  2. In another clip, she makes allegations of other shameful behavior she claims Boosie has exhibited in front of his children…

    Tori’s mom alleged that he’s called his own mother a “b**ch” in front of his kids and the people closest to him, like his “tea lady” that he frequently talks about on social media.

  3. The ‘Bad Azz’ rapper eventually caught up to the allegations and took to his own Instagram Live to share choice words for Tori’s mom amid the now-public war of words…

    “You a hoe man, come on, man,” he responded after alleging that she was involved in a threesome with him and another individual. “Let’s keep it real, if you wanna expose sh**. Tell them how you sucked and got f**ked by two best friends at the same time…willingly. Asked us to f**k you like this.”

    Boosie goes on shaming and mocking her alleged sexual behavior and even claims she had some legal trouble and questionable parental conduct of her own after allegedly being charged for theft as well. According to him, she’s also stolen in front of her children, as he claims that she comes from a family of currently incarcerated thieves.  

    He doesn’t directly address the recording nor any of the statements made on it, however. In the meantime, let’s pray that the parents can move forward soon and come to a quick and peaceful resolve most importantly for the sake of their daughter.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo By Prince Williams/Wireimage)


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