Premiere: Take A Trip To Love’s Upside With Aaron Aye’s New Video For ‘Uptown’

Premiere: Take A Trip To Love’s Upside With Aaron Aye’s New Video For ‘Uptown’

The Minneapolis-native brings the right kind of life and love to a night on the town, and he’s right on time for this summer’s new lovers.

Published July 18, 2018

Los Angeles implant Aaron Aye is not only one of R&B’s freshest, most potential-driven talents, but also one of its rarest.  

Raised in the North Star State of Minnesota, things seemingly would only go up for Aaron as he continued crafting his singing-songwriting-dancing triple threat gifts. But after losing his mom to cancer in his first year of high school with an absent father, young Aaron refused to live life down beneath his tribulations. Instead, he found shelter with family and friends where he could, worked a nursing home job to rack up coins, and took off to the City of Angels to chase a well-deserved, valiantly-pursued dream that’s all coming into fruition. Thus, his single and official music video for “Uptown,” a celebration of life, as he deems it, makes the highs and the lows of a young Minnesotan with a challenging hand dealt to him all worth it.

For the high-spirited single, the night is young as Aaron sings of that fresh, blossoming, colorful feeling anyone with a free Friday night out on the town could relate to. His crew runs into a group of pretty girls while kicking off their weekend, which only escalates the feeling and sends him wooing and courting the one he has his eye on. Aaron exhibits his singing and dancing talents while keeping up with his blushing love interest, an ironic symbolism that captures how well Aaron’s talents lines up with that of the millennial R&B scene.

“Uptown is a celebration of life,” he says of the record and visual. “I hope it makes people want to dance, have fun, and feel free. The video is inspired by the streets, colors, lights and overall vibe of Uptown, Minneapolis. This video symbolizes how often times one’s greatness will go unnoticed or ignored by others up close but become more clear and appreciated with distance.”

A movie theater stage crash, more puppy love flirting, and a single rose later, and Aaron has finally gone noticed by the young woman, who bolts down the street in search of her mysterious admirer after finally realizing her requited fondness of him. “Uptown” is one of ten records of his forthcoming Orphan debut album, which Aaron poured his sadness, anger, and loneliness into after losing his mother. The album will speak to the youth who are also navigating stormy circumstances, guiding them into discovering their own light through love, self-confrontation and ultimately, the celebration of seeing another day.

Take life and love into the city lights with Aaron’s new “Uptown” visual below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Kiersten Friesen)


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