Please See What Chris Brown Did After This Little Boy Fainted On Stage With Him...

<<enter caption here>> at MetLife Stadium on June 11, 2017 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Please See What Chris Brown Did After This Little Boy Fainted On Stage With Him...

Remind you of anyone?

Published July 19th

Chris Brown is going strong for his Heartbreak On A Full Moon tour, and Team Breezy is going harder for the R&B icon as he embarks on the 27-city excursion.

The excitement might have been a little too strong for one of his young fans when he was pulled on stage with Breezy, though. The end result was that he passed out right in front of Chris, who executed the quickest, noblest move we’ve ever seen under such exigent circumstances.

  1. In a video of the incident, Breezy daps the little guy up and leans in to embrace him with a hug

    Chris was in the middle of performing his triple-time platinum hit “Loyal” with the fan in tow. Suddenly, as he was interacting with other front-row fans, the young boy topples forward and Breezy catches his limp body right in the nick of time. He scoops him up, hands him back down into the audience, and proceeds his performance for the rest of the show. The video ends there, but the safe assumption is that the boy was handed off to whichever family or friends accompanied him to the show to be treated with some medical attention.

    Admittedly, Breezy was somewhat scared at first, he said in his Instagram caption of the reposted clip. But with how tactfully he handled the situation, it's hard to tell.


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  2. In normal unexpected concert happening fashion, the clip hit the internet in no time

    After seeing the young fan’s abrupt black-out response from an exciting on-stage moment with the Chris Brown, fans couldn’t help but be reminded of another singing, dancing on stage mega-talent, and idol of Breezy’s, who tended to have the same effect on his fans: the late and great King of Pop, Michael Jackson:

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Taylor Hill/WireImage)


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