Vic Mensa Ready To Throw Hands With 6ix9ine Over Lack Of Respect

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Vic Mensa Ready To Throw Hands With 6ix9ine Over Lack Of Respect

“Put up or shut up... Shoot the one on one.”

Published July 25, 2018

Vic Mensa has been known for speaking exactly what’s on his mind, and the Chi-town native did exactly that in regards to a certain rapper during a recent interview with LA’s Real 92.3.

The conversation started off passive when the socially conscious rapper was asked if there are lines that people shouldn’t cross in terms of hip-hop beef. Mensa blatantly said, “There are no rules. Everything you say and do has a consequence. So the line is when you take some s*** past what’s just gonna be rapped back at you. Ain’t no line. It’s a blood sport. It’s just if you go to a certain extent, then that s*** could become something other than music.”

So when asked about Tekashi69 verbal sparring with Chief Keef, Mensa seemed to hint that 6ix9ine crossed that line. The Roc Nation artist stated he definitely felt it was disrespectful towards Chicago. He called out 6ix9ine calling him “goofy,” because apparently "the receipts are online" about the Day69 rapper jacking exact bars from other Chicago lyricists. Mensa said that it’s “wack to disrespect a whole city when you only have beef with one person” in spite of liking the 6ix9ine’s music.

  1. Host of Everyday Struggle, DJ Akademiks ignited a flame when stating that “#vicmensa found the subject of his next promo run #tekashi69,” and 6ix9ine hopped in the comments with a slick response

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  2. Mensa took the ‘gram to clear his name, “for the record, [he] never dissed 6ix9ine”

    The “16 Shots” rapper just wants Tekashi to show his city its proper respect. However, if the Brooklyn native wants to bring up s***ing d***, Mensa is ready: “Fight me then. Shoot the one on one. Put up or shut up like your b****a** homie.” As far as Akademiks goes, Mensa said, “It’s on sight. You already know you don’t want no smoke with me. The whole world knows it, so n**** shut yo motherf***ing a** up.”

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Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for SoundCloud)


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