Video Shows Game Getting Into A Brutal Physical Altercation Over Basketball

<<enter caption here>> on July 7, 2018 in Long Beach, California.

Video Shows Game Getting Into A Brutal Physical Altercation Over Basketball

"I acted out of character..."

Published August 6, 2018

A basketball-game-turned-basketball-brawl involving Compton rap heavyweight Game unfortunately led to a loss for his Drew League Team after things got violent on the court between him and his teammate Jacpott Henry.

In what Game describes as a disagreement between the men that blew way out of proportion, a video of the altercation hit the internet over the weekend, showing the “How We Do” rapper angrily confronting Henry before violently mushing him in the side of the face. Inevitably, a physical showdown ensued as several people rushed to break up the squabble.

But in a noble move of his own following the incident, Game is taking full responsibility for the unfortunate events that unfolded and penned a sincere apology to his team, the Drew League team, and everyone else who witnessed it all.

  1. One clip from the stands shows another angle of the altercation and the moments leading up to it

    It’s not clear what was said in the clip, but the video shows Game in a pair of red sneakers shoving his teammate. After a few swings, Henry ends up falling to the ground.

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  2. From a closer angle, we can see that Game initiated the brawl, as he admitted in his apology

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  3. He penned the apologetic statement to his Instagram as well

    Game wrote about his resentment in his team’s loss in the second round of the playoffs, which was a close, two-point call. “I’ll take the blame and responsibility for it as well as the events (altercation) that led up to it,” he penned. “I say that to say, I’m writing this sincere apology 1st & foremost to my teammate & lil brother [Jacpott Henry] for my role in our disagreement that went a lot further than it should’ve.”

    Game went on to explain that he “acted out of character,” and admits that a tense moment on the court should never escalate to the point that he disrespects a man he considers not only a teammate and a friend, but family as well. “I love you like my own little brother & I keep replaying the moment in my mind wishing we both just let our tempers pass as we usually do but today it got out of hand.”

    Game also apologized to the commissioner of the Drew League, “Dino Smiley,” and his daughter Chanel Smiley for the incident. His last round of apologies went to the “fans, family, children & staff” for the disruptive behavior that he acknowledges should not have interrupted an otherwise peaceful basketball game. “I sat with myself & I am honestly sorry for my role in today’s mishap.”

    Fortunately, Game and Henry also chopped things up behind the scenes, he revealed, and were able to come to common ground after apologizing to each other.

    Kudos, Game! That’s what we like to see!

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)


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