Nicki Minaj’s Emotional ‘Ganja Burn’ Video Has Twitter Crumbling To Pieces

Nicki Minaj’s Emotional ‘Ganja Burn’ Video Has Twitter Crumbling To Pieces

The "Queen" rapstress rises from the grave to the throne, and the Barbs are breaking down all over the internet.

Published August 13, 2018

After the release of her fourth studio album, Queen femcee Nicki Minaj has waved her wand across the entire month of August and bestowed yet another gift among the Barbs kingdom on Monday (August 13): official visuals for the project’s opening track, “Ganja Burns.”

The visual rises with a written narrative introduction about a “generous queen” who falls victim to a premeditated attack by her most resolute enemies. “They conspired with someone who was once very close to her & struck like a thief in the night,” the intro reads. The story goes on to explain that she was proactively aware of the sabotage upon her and her kingdom, allowing the adversaries to slaughter her village. They were certain they’d accomplished their goal to knock her from the throne, the story goes, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she rose from the grave, reassembled and recharged her army, and “they became more protective of the queen than before.” With four words, “kill everything in sight,” she then reclaimed her throne and laid her enemies to their graves upon her return.

Nicki is gorgeously and vividly captured as directors Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott dip each striking scene in a gold brown. Nicki softly, but fiercely, traipses through an arid desert, transforming from rested royalty to a regal empress dripped in majestic jewels and hailed by a dancing tribe of war-ready soldiers. A fiery circle encompasses Nicki’s homecoming in the visual before viewers witness the reiteration of her Queen album cover in the closing scene for the perfect finishing touches: a graceful rapstress perched beautifully and royally atop a tree.

And after six minutes and 20 seconds, the Barbs are bowing their respects yet again for the Queen femcee.

See how Nicki fans are hailing her first visual since the album release, and check out the desert storm video for the official “Ganja Burn” video below.  

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: VEVO/ Nicki Minaj)


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