Oop: This 112 Member Is Spilling Tea On Behind-The-Scenes Drama

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Oop: This 112 Member Is Spilling Tea On Behind-The-Scenes Drama

He is tired of holding his tongue, for the sake of the brand.

Published August 14, 2018

For years, it seems like no male R&B group can avoid behind-the-scenes issues that ultimately lead to a breakup. It’s happened with The Temptations, New Edition, Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, B2K and Day26, and now that drama has found its way to '90s sensation 112.

Marvin "Slim" Scandrick, self-dubbed the lead singer of the group, gathered receipts from March to explain what’s been happening between him and the members. Quite frankly, he’s fed TF up. In an Instagram press release, he expressed that he’s tired of being quiet. Continuing his rant by saying, “ironically the same guys who broke the group up before are at it again.” Slim, apparently, hinted at this years ago when this happened prior to recent events, but the cause for the breakup now is “egos and mistrust amongst the members both business and personal.”

It seems as though the group is divided between Michael "Mike" Keith, & Slim against Quinnes "Q" Parker & Daron Jones. According to Slim, their “brotherhood was broken in 03-04, parties know why and [he] was honest in where [he stands] so STOP LYING ABOUT FRIENDSHIPS... it's bizness.” In the screenshots, Q curtly asked if Mike and Slim would continue to work as it pertains to 112 and “if so, [he’d] like to finish the tour strong.” If not, the aforementioned members should prepare to meet with their respective lawyers and accountants because if they walk away this time, “there is no coming back.”

Slim’s real question for Q is, “How are you entitled to a brand you're not loyal to??” He ended his rant by saying he’ll “answer questions at the appropriate time...stay tuned!😉😉”

Damn. 112 is set to perform at the Return of the Legends: R&B concert in Detroit on September 2.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET)


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