Report: Here's The Terrifying Reason Police Swarmed Rihanna's Home In L.A.

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Report: Here's The Terrifying Reason Police Swarmed Rihanna's Home In L.A.

See the video capturing police responders and a helicopter surrounding the residence.

Published August 14, 2018

Barbadian bad gal Rihanna and her home security challenges took an initially frightening turn on Monday night (August 13) that, thankfully, resulted in a sigh of relief for everyone after her home security system rang off a false alarm.

According to TMZ, RiRi wasn’t home at the time, but a horde of police officers rushed to her home after the alarm was set off. They had good reason to, though, especially considering a prior incident involving a stalking home invader who took his obsession with the bad gal way too far.

  1. Back in May, police did have their hands full with Riri’s home intruder, who even spent the night at her crib…

    Police reportedly Tased him after arriving at the home and demanding he come outside. They’d discovered him after Rihanna’s alarm had been tampered with, causing police to rush to the residence and check things out. Luckily enough, she wasn't home during that time, either.

  2. TMZ reports that this time, police swarmed the residence with an LAPD helicopter hovering above in response to the alarm trigger

    Fortunately, no emergency had actually taken place, and responders cleared out the scene. RiRi may just need to update her security system after the site reported that a faulty glitch is likely what set the alarm off.

  3. A video obtained by TMZ shows several officers surrounding the residence and coordinating with each other while inspecting the premises. The situation seemed calm enough, but the helicopter chopping in the sky above does make the scene just a tad bit more intense.

    Watch the clip showing LAPD’s prompt response to RiRi’s alarm trigger below.  

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Theo Wargo/FilmMagic)


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