Cardi B Breaks Down In Tears On Instagram Live While Discussing Her Hardest Decision Yet...

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Cardi B Breaks Down In Tears On Instagram Live While Discussing Her Hardest Decision Yet...

"That sh** really hurts, my n**ga!"

Published August 16, 2018

It takes stone-cold perseverance to face the pressures that Bronx femcee Cardi B is navigating under as a top-charting rap artist, Atlantic Records golden child and brand new mother.

But even she can become overwhelmed by it all, and she’s got a PSA for all of the critics badgering her over one of the toughest career decisions that she made back in July: dropping off of Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic Tour. Cardi is also sharing additional words on the naysayers who have been around since her 2017 breakout year and argued that her home label, Atlantic Records, “bought” her way to the top.

  1. On Instagram Live, Cardi explained that despite her tough exterior, the pressure does get to her sometimes…

    “All that hard work that I did, so people try to discredit my sh**,” she said. “That shit really hurts, my n**ga!”

    Cardi practically had no choice but to cancel the tour following the birth of her newborn daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus. She explained that when she announced her removal from it, explaining that she’d underestimated the whole motherhood thing. Not only would her choice to separate from her daughter have been emotionally taxing, but physically challenging as well.

     “But right now, I just gave birth!” she explained. “I barely can bend down!”  

    The worst part for Cardi is that she feel she let Bruno down, especially when she remembers how their collaboration came together. “I felt like I let Bruno Mars down, and I feel so bad for that because when it comes to [Finesse (Remix)], Bruno Mars hit me up to do that record,” Cardi tearfully recollected. Not to mention, the 24K Magic master funkateer cracked open an entire new fan base for her.  

  2. Don’t get it twisted, though: she’s still working

    Despite some of the popular anti-Cardi opinions, she’s still just as hands-on with her career as she was before the birth of baby K. But, she struggles to separate from her newborn when she has to take flights away from home, Cardi admitted.

    “I have to work because I have to feed my child!” she said. “And because I have family employed—I have to pay them!”

  3. Therefore, any suspicions that she or her label ‘paid’ her way to top can be laid to rest

    “You can’t buy that sh**! You just can’t!” she said. If that were the case, she questioned, why wouldn’t Atlantic do the same for the other talents on their roster?

    “And I’m so sick and tired of keeping my mouth shut,” Cardi declared. It might seem that she’s above engaging with trolls and haters on social media by now, but she’s working on not paying attention to it all, she concluded. It can be annoying, but she does realize that it slows her down little by little.  

    Keep pushing, Cardi!

    Tune in to her Instagram Live address for the critics below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage)


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