Nicki Minaj Fans Are Kicking Down Charlamagne Tha God’s Door Over His ‘Donkey Of The Day’

Nicki Minaj Fans Are Kicking Down Charlamagne Tha God’s Door Over His ‘Donkey Of The Day’

"Nothing you're doing is queenlike!"

Published August 20, 2018

Nicki Minaj’s Twitter tirade against debaters of her No. 2 debut on Billboard’s Hot 100 didn’t sit well with a few folks, one of them being one-third of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God.

Unlike her other social media adversaries, Charlamagne picked his bone with Nicki on live radio, bestowing her with a title lowly unfit for “the queen from Queens”: “Donkey of the Day.” Charlamagne rewound back to her explosive string of tweets elaborating on why her Queen album currently sits at No. 2, beneath Travis Scott’s Astroworld, wagging a finger at what he considers ungrateful behavior from her.

“Now, it’s rare that you see someone play themselves the way Nicki Minaj played herself yesterday on social media,” he started. Charlamagne went on to congratulate both her and Travis for the top Billboard spots, but couldn’t wrap his mind around Nicki’s issue with the No. 2 seat, thus, dropping another title on the Young Money femcee: “sore winner.”  

According to him, her inflation claims against Travis, where Nicki said his girlfriend Kylie Jenner boosted sales by posting her and their infant daughter Stormi Webster’s appearance on his tour, are bogus. Especially since she’s also bundled merchandise (concert tickets) in with her album also.

Charlamagne named Travis, Kylie, Stormi and Spotify as the handful of parties he believes Nicki has pointed the finger of blame at for landing at No. 2. “Nicki Minaj you are blaming everyone like you lost something!” he said. “Nothing you’re doing is queenlike.”

Considering that Nicki’s last album,The Pinkprint, also debuted at No. 2, he said he’s particularly confused at her discontent. For Charlamagne, the important thing is that she released a thorough, decent body of work, which is a win in the Black Privilege author’s book.

“The meltdown you had on social media yesterday wasn’t warranted because you won!” he continued.

Topped off with a Donald Trump comparison and a Remy Ma “Donkey of the Day drop,” Charlamagne shared his final words for the “Chun-Li” artist:

“You’re so busy worrying about what you don’t have that you’re not focused on what you have, and what you have is a good body of work, a loyal fanbase, and a No. 2 standing on the Billboard charts this week!” he blurted. “You have a lot to build off, Nicki!”

Before the Barbs Army unleashed hell on him, Charlamagne had some choice words for them as well. Perhaps, he suggested, the energy they’re going to use to bust down his Instagram comments and Twitter mentions might be better spent streaming and downloading her music on Apple Music and Spotify, he said. “Nicki, activate your Barbs to buy your albums and not slander people who you have issues with. It’s way more productive.”

Not that the Barbs would take directive from The Breakfast Club host anyway, though…

  1. Like clockwork, most of Nicki’s fans pulled up on Charlamagne in honor of the head Barb’s defense against his ‘Donkey of the Day’ rhetoric
  2. While others (though hesitatingly for some) couldn’t help but second his sentiments…
  3. Listen to his full eight-minute ‘Donkey of the Day’ selection below…

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon)


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