You'll Cringe (And Clap) At This Video Of Teyana Taylor Tumbling Offstage

DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 17:  Teyana Taylor performs on stage at The Majestic Theater on Friday, August 17, 2018, in Detroit, MI, USA. (Photo by: Aaron J.)

You'll Cringe (And Clap) At This Video Of Teyana Taylor Tumbling Offstage


Published August 20, 2018

GOOD Music songstress Teyana Taylor has picked herself back up from the messy hailstorm of a collaborative tour with R&B singer Jeremih and is now packing out venues and selling out shows all on her own for the offiical KTSE tour.

As a newly solo-touring act, she's proved that it'll take much more than some industry pitfalls and wardrobe mishaps to set her back. And after TMZ surfaced a clip of Teyana toppling off a New York City stage during one of her KTSE Tour pit stops, the 27-year-old’s next move is the true definition of #BouncebackGoals.

  1. ‘Petunia’ slayed all across the stage at New York’s Playstation Theater before the blunder

    Performing “No Manners,” Teyana kept the energy high for the Big Apple audience, but dove low after her foot slipped from the edge of the stage. TT ended up tumbling leg, then headfirst into the crowd, as shown in a clip.

  2. Like a boss, she got right back up and performed from the floor level for the rowdy fans afterward

    To their content, the only thing the fall meant was an opportunity for them to get even closer to the “Rose In Harlem” singer, anyway.

    Work it, TT!

    See TMZ’s capture of the stage slip below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)


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