Lyfe Jennings Exposes Video Of His Baby's Mother Saying Something To His Son That Might Break Your Heart...

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 07:  Lyfe Jennings live in concert at Sony Hall on July 7, 2018 in New York City.  (Photo by Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images)

Lyfe Jennings Exposes Video Of His Baby's Mother Saying Something To His Son That Might Break Your Heart...

"Um f**king shaking I'm so mad right now...don't ever do this to a child!..."

Published August 27, 2018

Things between R&B soulster Lyfe Jennings and the mother of one of his sons have gone sour, and the trickle-down effect it's having on their child is leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

Especially after the “Must Be Nice” singer posted a video of her sharing venomous words with their young son about his father disowning him.

  1. In the video, Lyfe’s son’s face is unexposed as he sits in a car seat

    But his baby’s mother’s voice can be heard clearly as she speaks to their son from the front of the car. “Your brother is going?” she asks him. “I’m sorry, daddy said he got five other kids he don’t want you. That’s what he said.” She then goes on gently stating to him that his other children is the reason Lyfe left him.

    Their son falls silent for a while before she asks if he “just wants to hang out with mommy” and run into the store.

  2. The D.C.-native apparently received the heartbreaking clip from his baby’s mother in a move of spite, he revealed in his Instagram post of the video

    “This is the sh** I gotta deal with!!!” Lyfe blasted on Instagram. “Lying to your own son this is child abuse!!!”

    He continued, shaming her for the demeaning tactics against their son to boost herself up. There’s no doubt in his mind that the video came from a place of pure vindictiveness since she recorded the video herself and sent it to him. Sharing the same sentiments as mostly everyone who witnessed the video via social media, Lyfe derided her for aiming such toxic, and patterned, behavior at their son. “And this isn’t the first time…my little man should have better than this!!!” he wrote. “Um f**king shaking I’m so mad right now…I would NEVER DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t ever do this to a child!”


  3. Hopefully, they can resolve the situation for the wellbeing of their son and a healthier co-parenting relationship moving forward…

    See the video Lyfe posted revealing his baby’s mother’s heartbreaking words for their son below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images)


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