According To Tweets From This Rapper, 'Dark Skin H**s Are Evil, Black, And Ugly'

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 24: Yung Miami and JT Members of the Group City Girls arrive to the 2018 BET Awards held at Microsoft Theater on June 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images)

According To Tweets From This Rapper, 'Dark Skin H**s Are Evil, Black, And Ugly'

She's since issued an apology for the shamefully racist and homophobic tweets.

Published August 30, 2018

Yung Miami (a.k.a. Resha) of the 305’s femcee rap duo City Girls had a lot of explaining to do after someone reached back in her Twitter history and discovered strings of homophobic and racist tweets that the internet is demanding answers to.

  1. In the tweets from 2013, Miami took aim at Haitians, ‘dark skin hoes,’ and the LGBT community…

    “Haitians are black, ugly and cheesy don’t matter what they on have on they still f**ked up!!” one tweet read. She also slammed any woman “f**king and sucking these stank a** Haitians,” another reads, and dragged dark-skinned women as “evil, black, and ugly.”

    Miami didn’t stop there, however, posting another tweet about what she’d do if she ever speculated that her son is gay.

    “Boy oh boy if I ever see any type of gay sh** in my son imma beat that [boy] so baddd!” Miami wrote. She explained the tweet later on, elaborating that it wasn’t a diss, but didn’t understand “what’s so disappointing” about not wanting her son to be gay. Upon discovery of the tweets, Miami first responded to the users who dug them up in the first place, questioning their motive behind exposing the tweets. She added that her stylist, MUA and hair dresser are all gay, and (at first) wasn’t standing for an apology.

    “Y’all want me to apologize for some sh** that I don’t have a problem with what y’all won’t do is tear me down how y’all do other ppl,” she wrote on Tuesday (August 28).

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  2. And after the internet continued scorching her for the offensive rhetoric…
  3. Resha took to Instagram to pen an apology to fans in light of the 5-year-old tweets

    In the letter, she wrote that she fully understood how her comments about her preference for her son’s sexuality could be taken offensively by the LGBT community and that she “realizes how insensitive [her] comments were to [her] fans and followers.” She added that the City Girls love and appreciate all of their supporters, no matter their sexuality.

    Resha also addressed her comments on the Haitian community, revealing that her gripe against someone irresponsibly ignited her dialogue on the entire culture. “The comments I made about Haitians I was wrong and immature to ever let my opinion about an individual person be my opinion about an entire culture,” she wrote. “I understand that my comments were insensitive and have offended communities of people that I love. I love all my City Boys and City Girls PERIOD.”

    Read her apology letter to fans and followers below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Prince Williams/Getty Images)


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