Fans Are Divided Over This Kanye West And Michelle Obama Scene In Childish Gambino's New Video

Fans Are Divided Over This Kanye West And Michelle Obama Scene In Childish Gambino's New Video

The internet would like to have a word with you, Mr. Gambino...

Published September 4, 2018

Jack-of-all-entertainment-trades Childish Gambino dropped another hip-hop masterpiece over the weekend with the swaying, tropically tranquil “Feels Like Summer” visuals to peacefully usher in the wind down of summer 2018.

Childish’s animated visuals are as nostalgic as they are modern, cameoing several of hip-hop and R&B’s favs in their respective animated personas that have striking resemblances to each artist. 21 Savage sparking up a blunt in the car, Nicki Minaj and her album arch nemesis Travis Scott playing a frustrating game of building blocks, and Rae Sremmurd wreaking water gun havoc on Lil Wayne, Pusha T, Meek Mill and J. Cole are just a few happenings Childish spots as he strolls observingly through the neighborhood.

Toward the middle of the video, an animated Kanye West appears across a black backdrop donning his Donald Trump-endorsing Make America Great Again hat as a stream of tears fall from his eyes. A smiling, consoling Black woman, who many have interpreted as first lady Michelle Obama appears next, wrapping her arms around ‘Ye and stopping the flow of tears as he acknowledges her with comfort. Similar to his momentous “This Is America” release, Childish hasn’t spoken a word on the meaning and interpretations behind the video nor any of its characters, and likely won’t. Thus, fans are left to develop their own meanings behind such poignant scenes.

For this one, some believe the idea of (who they’ve identified as) Michelle essentially “fixing” a broken ‘Ye with the presence of her Black womanhood as a beautiful concept. But some aren’t so comfortable with this theory, while others believe the motherly Black character might actually be his own mom: the late, dearly missed Donda West.

See the tug-of-war between their interpretations of the sentimental Kanye scene and hit play on Childish’s “Feels Like Summer” visuals at the bottom.  

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: James Devaney/GC Images, Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


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