Video Surfaces Of Cardi B Going TF Off On Offset In A Strip Club Before Allegedly Fighting His 'Side Piece'

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Video Surfaces Of Cardi B Going TF Off On Offset In A Strip Club Before Allegedly Fighting His 'Side Piece'

An alleged witness has shared her side of the story after Offset recently addressed the incident.

Published September 6, 2018

The recollection of a reported strip club fight involving Cardi B and a woman alleged to have Offset’s eyes is still unraveling, despite the Migos rapper shutting down part of the rumor just last week.

In its latest update, there’s far more than just hearsay, however—there’s video footage and a supposed eye witness who was present at the venue that evening. Her testimony, as well as the newly-surfaced video, is leading fans one step closer to the truth about what possibly went down that night.

  1. As falsely reported by an illegitimate gossip blog, Cardi went blow-for-blow with her husband’s supposed ‘side chick’ when she arrived at the club

    Other blogs picked up even falser claims, alleging that Offset blocked Cardi on social media and the two separated homes following the incident. Some reports held that the fight between the woman and the Invasion of Privacy femcee had nothing to do with cheating at all, but broke out after some shady words were uttered about Cardi’s recently-incarcerated bestie, Star, who allegedly used to work at the venue.

    Offset took to Instagram to clear his name and any associated accusations from the mess, though.

  2. The alleged eye witness and dancer at the strip club, Sexdoll, claims that the situation blew up an entirely different way than what was reported, too

    According to a phone interview with YouTuber Tasha K, drinks were thrown and words were exchanged, but no actual fist fight took place. Sexdoll said that no one got hurt either, including the bartenders, who ducked down under the bar upon the hostile outburst between Cardi and crew and the woman’s clique.

    Afterward, Sexdoll recollected, security escorted Cardi and her people out, and managers eventually closed the club down for the night.

  3. There’s no video confirming her rundown of the events either, but another club attendee did catch the moments leading up to the alleged altercation

    Expository captions introduce each scene of the video, beginning with Offset and his Migos clique parlaying in a section of the club. The next scene cuts to Quavo and Offset down at the bar where the alleged mistress Jade so happens to be as well. As the video explains, Cardi unexpectedly pulls up on Mr. Cephus, which supposedly explains why he hops out of his chair at the bar so quickly. Cardi can then be seen sternly speaking something in Offset’s ear while raising her arm up. This apparently went down right before the run-in with Jade.

    Cardi nor Offset have directly confirmed or denounced the speculation just yet. So, our advice is to take the alleged reports with a grain of salt until then. 

    See the full clip below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows)


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