Nicki Minaj Goes In On The Woman Who Took Geoffrey Owens' Photo, Donates $25K To Him

Nicki Minaj Goes In On The Woman Who Took Geoffrey Owens' Photo, Donates $25K To Him

"What the f**k did you get by taking a picture of a man at the grocery store?!"

Published September 6, 2018

Hollywood rallied together when former Cosby star Geoffrey Owens was photographed by a woman named Karma Lawrence while working at Trader Joe’s in Clifton, NJ. Actors and actresses from all walks of life defended him because many don’t see the downside to the entertainment industry. Some go years in between consistent jobs, so to try and downplay someone you don’t know is disgusting.

So Nicki Minaj took it upon herself to address the situation on the latest episode of Queen Radio. She awarded Lawrence and her wife with the "C***sucker of the Day" award. “Duality, as they say.”

  1. Blasting off, she said, “This man is a whole f***ing legend and what Karma and her b***h did was stupid. Gonna try and embarrass this hardworking man."

    The Queen femcee wasn’t done firing rounds. She continued with, “What is the fascination with our culture to continually humiliate people for no f***king reason?! What the f**k did you get my taking a picture of that man at the grocery store?!" 

    Refusing to back down, she mentioned that she just wanted to find karma for “a talk,” because honestly, what was the point? Minaj said she was giving Owens a small token of appreciation and would further divulge details on Queen Radio. 

  2. As promised, Nicki announced that she would be giving Geoffrey Owens $25,000 because “we will not treat our own like this for a couple of f***ing laughs & memes.”

Written by Mya Abraham

Photos from left: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG, Gary Gershoff/WireImage


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