SMH: This Openly Gay Rapper Is Making A Disgraceful Accusation Against Yo Gotti...

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SMH: This Openly Gay Rapper Is Making A Disgraceful Accusation Against Yo Gotti...

“I took these pics down cause Keon told me to, just so y’all could be 'comfortable…'”

Published September 6, 2018

As the LGBTQ community still struggles for fair representation within hip-hop, estranged CMG rapper Plane Jaymes is boldly putting up a fight against Memphis rap star Yo Gotti and his record label after accusing the team of shameful homophobic practices.

Jaymes claims that he was brought on board to the CMG collective as family—up until they discovered that he was in a relationship with a man, that is. As revealed in a new Instagram post, he was then cold-shouldered by everyone on the label, including the “Rake It Up” rapper himself. He’s now demanding the answers as to why, though he already believes his status as a gay male might explain it all.

  1. Jaymes started by calling Yo Gotti out directly in the post…

    “@yogotti You said you believed in me and wanted to help me change ppls lives for the better,” he wrote. “Up until you & @keonn55 found out I had a boyfriend.”

    Jaymes said that he always looked up to Gotti but found it “f**ked up” after learning that he was being blackballed from the label due to his sexuality. He added that he was asked to remove Instagram photos of himself with Gotti and everyone else from the CMG crew to make them more “comfortable.”  

  2. Ironically, he also claims that he’s being trapped inside of the very label that’s secretly shoving him out

    Furthering his accusations, Jaymes said the label has allegedly cornered him: he’s not able to release music, but he’s also not being released from his contract, which “says [they] own the rights to pretty much all my publishing & everything [he does] unless [they] terminate that contract.”

    He continued explaining that for over two years, he’s been unable to reach anyone to discuss the contract and his future on the label, especially now that he’s “’cancelled/shelved’ & not family like [they] said [he] was.” Unfortunately, he’ll be left with no choice but to stop creating music altogether, he concluded.

    “Tired of struggling all because of who I chose to love,” he wrote. “And if this is how it’s gonna be I’ma just have to chalk putting out music period.”

    Gotti nor anyone from the CMG team has yet responded to Jaymes’ claims.

    See his message to the I Still Am artist and CMG label below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)


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