Remy Ma Has Some Choice Words About This Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Situation…

Remy Ma Has Some Choice Words About This Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Situation…

Well, does she have a point?

Published September 10, 2018

As promised, REVOLT’s newest YouTube series, State of the Culture, dropped on Monday (September 10) featuring Joe Budden, Remy Ma, Scottie Beam and Jinx.

And boy, did these four have a mouthful on Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s New York Fashion Week blowup.

Joe cracked open the discussion with reprimand for Cardi’s aggressive behavior, which was swiftly rebutted by Scottie and Remy, who reminded him that such conduct has been championed by her supporters up until now. The Terror Squad femcee was especially adamant about this position as a Bronx-native herself and someone who’s also stood on Barbie opposition during her broiling rap warfare with Nicki in 2017.

As for Cardi’s NYFW flare up, Remy has a PSA for keyboard gangsters everywhere.  

  1. Remy began by pointing out a rather rational fact about Cardi that even the most reverent anti-Bardi Gang folks couldn’t argue with…

    A woman who’s spent 25 years of her life as a regular-degular-shmegular girl from the BX trumps her one year as a rap star, Remy pointed out about her Bronx rap neophyte. Thus, people should understand which Cardi they’re going to get should she be provoked. She added that the women present during her alleged strip club brawl weren’t so innocent, either.

    “Those girls that were there knew Cardi B was gonna be there,” she said. “And they purposely came there, taunting her.”

  2. According to her, the ‘fight’ that broke out wasn’t actually that…

    “Let’s be clear—there really wasn’t a fight,” she said, especially considering that there was no actual physical contact. After all, Remy said, Nicki was bordered off by her security during the fracas.

    In a nutshell, “people need to stop talking crazy,” Remy said. “Stop talking crazy, stop tweeting crazy, stop talking all this Instagram banging.” Not to mention, Remy said, the same people who are egging the two women on are the same folks who will call for peace and pull out the respectability politics when things turn violent, as they did with Cardi.

    A word.

  3. See the full State of the Slander segment of the very first State of the Culture segment below

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Michael Stewart/FilmMagic, Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Essence, Michael Stewart/FilmMagic)


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