Cardi B Issues A Fiery Response To Nicki Minaj's Comments About Her Career

<<enter caption here>> at The Plaza Hotel on September 7, 2018 in New York City.

Cardi B Issues A Fiery Response To Nicki Minaj's Comments About Her Career

This ain't about sympathy or payola.

Published September 12, 2018

Gather ‘round, Bardi Gang, because your Queen,  Cardi Bhas spoken, notably on her favorite platform, Instagram. This time, her response wasn't delivered via the Notes app of her iPhone. She took her time to address the Nicki Minaj controversy in a more leveled-up way. The Bronx femcee allowed her success to speak for itself.

Earlier this week, Nicki detonated airwaves via Queen Radio with an explosive tirade directly addressing a lot of dirt in Cardi’s past, including social media warfare, getting into a brawl with her husband’s alleged mistress and, of course, their notorious fight during New York Fashion Week.

  1. Bardi, first, decided to shade TF out of Nicki's lack of album sales. Now we all can see why she was gunning for that #1 spot...

    Cardi has no problem proving to all that “numbers don’t f**king lie.” Her highly anticipated debut, Invasion of Privacy, slid into the No. 3 spot on this list of the 2018’s top 10 best-selling hip-hop albums.


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  2. Cardi, then, directly addressed Nicki's comment about her "career being built off of sympathy and payola"

    In a throwback performance of a snippet of “On Fleek” and her classic hit, “Foreva,” off of her first EP, Gangsta B***h Music Vol. 1, Bardi is performing to a huge crowd with “no label, no radio play, fresh out of Love & Hip-Hop, on [her] first tour.” Continuing her sentiment by issuing an unbothered PSA—“nobody can make you feel like you cheated yourself…when you know you worked yourself to the top!!”

    Now, many may take that use of “Foreva,” specifically these scorching lyrics and bomb-drop, as direct shade towards her nemesis, and it would make sense.

  3. "Why you always tryna run and hide/Always have my name up in your mouth you outta line/You gon' make me pop up at your door like surprise/Like come outside lil’ b***h…”

    Clearly, Cardi has no problem reminding Barbs, especially Head Barb, that she stays ready and is ‘bout that life. Let’s just hope nobody catches a case over this.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Michael Stewart/FilmMagic)


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