Find Out The Real Reason Eminem Blasted MGK And Joe Budden On ‘Kamikaze'

Find Out The Real Reason Eminem Blasted MGK And Joe Budden On ‘Kamikaze'

Hint: It actually has nothing to do with his daughter.

Published September 13, 2018

Eminem clears the air behind his apoplectic tirade.

The Detroit phenom sat down with renowned music journalist Sway Calloway in an exclusive multi-part interview to discuss all the explosive controversy surrounding his shocking LP, Kamikaze

  1. Part One dropped on Tuesday (Sept. 11) in which Em mentioned that the “constructive criticism” encompassing 2017’s Revival played a huge part in why he chose to go the unexpected route with his latest LP

    Em also admitted that he enjoys the controversy. "There is something inside me that is a little more happy when I’m angry,” said Slim.

  2. Part Two dropped last night (Sept. 12) and this is where Em addressed Joe Budden and Machine Gun Kelly directly. He also shed light on his relationship with both men and what led up to their current warfare

    In the 13-minute clip, Sway cuts straight to point and asks Em, "how would he discuss his relationship with Joe Budden?" Em curtly said, he and Joe "aren't friends like that," but when Em is "pumping up Slaughterhouse every chance [he] gets" while the self-proclaimed Culture Commentator "uses his platform to [do the opposite,]" things get murky. 

    Em believes Joe doesn't owe him anything, but Em also feels Joe should offer him mutual respect. 

  3. "I've never gotten in a f**king interview and said Joe Budden's sh*t is f**king trash. So that's the attitude I took on 'Kamikaze.' What if I give everybody my opinion about them?"

    Regardless of how Joe feels, Em is proud of Slaughterhouse and "thinks [it] is one of the best rap groups to ever happen." Then, Em addresses MGK's statement about his daughter, Hailie. Apparently, he wasn't aware of the comment until "a year-and-a-half later" and by then, MGK was on "a press run about Hailie." 

    The reason he dissed MGK was to fire back at his comments about Em "hindering his career."

  4. "You think I give a f**k about your career? Do you know how many rappers are better than you? I don't care if you blow or if you don't blow," said Slim.

    "Shut the f**k up! Now I'm in a weird thing because I'm like I have to answer this motherf**ker... I wanna destory him, but I also don't wanna make him bigger because now [he's] a f**king enemy."

  5. Part three's teaser hints at a song that went too far, but you have to wait until 8pm to find out if Em penned the song in question.

Written by Mya Abraham

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