Video Surfaces Of A Nasty Altercation Between Machine Gun Kelly And This Eminem Fan

Video Surfaces Of A Nasty Altercation Between Machine Gun Kelly And This Eminem Fan

Things allegedly took a violent turn afterward.

Published September 18, 2018

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly’s on-wax war emerged from the studio and into the streets on Friday night (September 14) at an Atlanta grub and bar spot.

The altercation wasn’t between MGK and Eminem himself, but rather an Em defender of sorts, who pulled up on the Rap Devil with some bold fighting words. According to him, those fighting words manifested into an actual brawl after he accused the Houston rapper of sicking his security crew on him in a brutal case of battery following the verbal spat.

  1. In selfie-filmed footage, the fan, who is an actor by the name of Gabriel ‘G-Rod’ Rodriguez, approached MGK while taunting him

    “And I’m gonna say it because it has to be said: you’re a p**sy!” G-Rod said as he walked up to the rapper. “You’re a p**sy for going for family!”

    As a family man himself, TMZ reports, G-Rod took MGK and Em’s beef personally, considering that its origins began when the 28-year-old called Em’s then-teenage daughter, Hallie, “hot as f**k.”

    Attempting to shoo G-Rod away, MGK jumps up from the table and shoves him, telling him to “get the f**k out my face, bro!”

  2. The video ends thereafter, but in a new clip of G-Rod’s bruised and battered face...

    The actor claims that five of MGK’s security members jumped in on the altercation. At that point, MGK “[got] up with the balls of steel that he didn’t have before” spitting insults at him, and shoved him again, G-Rod alleged. Finally, he claimed, a bar manager ended up diffusing the situation by appeasing MGK and kicking G-Rod out.

    He said that a couple of hours later, he was going into a Hampton Inn hotel across from the bar and noticed the manager. G-Rod condemned him for siding with MGK, but the man allegedly claimed that his hands were tied in the situation. Afterward, he saw a police officer walking from one side and MGK on the other. The “Rap Devil” rapper allegedly began shouting “p**sy” at him, but G-Rod claimed that he walked away, but warned MGK to back off.

    Eventually, he said, all of MGK’s “goons start descending from everywhere” to reenter the restaurant. The aforementioned officer allegedly stopped them and turned them away, scolding them for MGK’s conduct. “[MGK] gets in the cop’s face and calls him a punk b**ch pig!” G-Rod alleged. “‘Get out my way you p**sy ass punk b**ch! Get out of my way you stupid pig!’ Now, just imagine if that would have been me or any other person of color. Imagine what would have happened!”

    G-Rod said he returned to the hotel when he saw five more of MGK’s “goons." They allegedly reignited tensions again by yelling insults at him. G-Rod was down for a scuffle, but only under the condition that he could take them on one-by-one. Before he knew it, he recalled, all five of the men were on top of him, and he started to run. When he made it into the hotel lobby, he alleged that they caught up and began stomping him out. MGK’s right-hand security man allegedly slammed him to the ground, too. He even alleged that afterward, MGK strolled through with a smirk after seeing G-Rod icing his face following the alleged assault and sent his cameraman to snap a flick of his battered face.

  3. According to TMZ and G-Rod, there’s surveillance footage of the verbal-turned-physical altercation as well

    Police have already seen it, and are pursuing an investigation, TMZ reports. As for G-Rod, the site adds that his injuries landed him in the emergency room, and he’s already lawyered up to file a lawsuit against the “Bad Things” rapper. There is one means of doing away with the case and letting the altercation go as water under the bridge, though.

    “I will drop the lawsuit if we both sign waivers and meet in an octagon and go man-to-man without goons or weapons,” he told TMZand later reiterated in a new video. 

    MGK nor his team have yet responded to the allegations, but check out G-Rod's post-(alleged)-brawl message to the Rap Devil below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


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