Here’s Why Snoop Dogg Just Exploded Into Rage On Kanye West Live On Radio

Here’s Why Snoop Dogg Just Exploded Into Rage On Kanye West Live On Radio

"F**k you too!"

Published September 19, 2018

West Coast rap legend and one of hip-hop’s avid anti-Donald Trump voices Snoop Dogg talked politics with DJ Suss for Sirius XM’s The Feature Presentation, slated to drop in full this Saturday (September 22).

In a clip Suss shared from the upcoming chat, Uncle Snoop made it clear that his sentiments toward the White House occupant haven’t changed: it’s still f**k Donald Trump, all day, every day. His feelings for one of Trump’s hip-hop supporters, Kanye West, remain the same as well. And while the the Doggystyle rapper has one foot down on the Orange one’s neck, he’s got the other one Yeezy’s with a mouthful of choice words for his unrepentant Trump support.

  1. DJ Suss initially approached the conversation carefully, explaining to Snoop that sometimes his listeners become offended when he speaks down on Trump

    “Well, you need to know a lot of your fans is racist,” Snoop replied. “Ain’t no f**king way around it.” Uncle Snoop has no cut cards for anyone supporting Trump, he continued. And as far as he’s concerned, a thumbs up for Trump is a thumbs up for racism.

    “I’ll tell ‘em straight up motherf**ker: if you like that n**ga, you motherf**kin racist!” Snoop continued.

  2. ‘F**k you and f**k him…Now what?’

    His hostility toward Trump stems from the good ol’ times before the reality-star-turned-president led the re-ignition of racist, bigoted, divisive, xenophobic discord among the nation. Once Trump came along to “draw the line,” segregating everyone and fueling hatred among diversity, all bets were off for Uncle Snoop.

    “But n**ga, when you drew the line n**ga, and started pointing motherf**kers out and singling [them out], n**ga f**k y’all then, n**ga!” Snoop expressed. “You and them! Kanye, too, n**ga, don’t forget about him. F**k you, too! Throw him in the bag too. He right with them motherf**kers.”

    Uncle Snoop said what he said!

    Listen to his minute-long scorching for Trump's klan—uh, we mean “supporters”—below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic, Edward Berthelot/GC Images)


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