Rising R&B Singer Mahalia Details Relatable Relationship Narrative With 'Seasons'

Rising R&B Singer Mahalia Details Relatable Relationship Narrative With 'Seasons'

"It’s my own personal journey, but I think people will get something from each track differently."

Published September 21, 2018

After her incredible set at Afropunk Brooklyn and her viral hit, "Sober," being featured on HBO's Insecure, Mahalia graced fans with a new single, "Surprise Me," earlier this month.

Now, the UK's latest R&B sensation is ready to ride a wave all her own with her newest EP, Seasons. With a production co-sign from Felix Joseph, known for working with fellow British songbird Jorja Smith, Seasons is a sensual blend of her trademark spoken word fused with old school soul, like that of Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill.

Mahalia considers this EP personal and special. "I wanted to make something that felt relevant to where I’m at in my life right now. I feel like no relationship is ever simple," she explained. "As a couple, you move through the seasons of your relationship together. Each season having a different purpose— starting with the first night, into the honeymoon phase. Pushing through to a point when there’s a change that challenges you both. Maybe the other does something that surprises you. And then the final moments..."

In a recent interview with Complex, she detailed the project's premise and why she chose its title. "My whole life, I’ve always written when I felt something deeply about something or somebody. And so I’ve always referred to it as 'seasons' of my life, you know? Like, 'That was that season, and now this is this season.  And so with this EP, I wanted to do a five-track—or five-stage—idea of a relationship." 

The intended relationship storyline is expressed effortlessly throughout the course of the vulnerably freeing extended play.

Seasons is now available to stream and purchase. Mahalia is currently gearing up to headline her own European tour this fall. For more information, head to her website.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Courtesy of Atlantic Records)


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