50 Cent’s Son Has Scorching Words For His Father Amid Petty Meme About His Mom

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50 Cent’s Son Has Scorching Words For His Father Amid Petty Meme About His Mom

"And y'all wonder why I don't respect him..."

Published October 3, 2018

50 Cent is a noted social troll who might’ve taken his latest foolery slightly too far. Last week, he aimed to undertake the mother of his eldest son, Shaniqua Tompkins, in her efforts to gain financial stability for herself. Tompkins is currently working on a reality show with Carmen Bryan, mother of rap legend Nas’ daughter, Destiny.

Upon the news making its rounds on the internet, Fif expressed his disapproval by demanding that she get a job. Proclaiming that he “owns [her] life rights, so reality tv is a no go.”

  1. Tompkins defended herself against Fif's claims. "He can't stop me from doing anything... You're not gonna bully me and you're definitely not gonna bully my child."
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    Tompkins believes the hip-hop icon is scared because she's been there since the beginning and she "is the only one who can truly expose him."

  2. Fif posted a petty meme, alluding a dog is Shaniqua and he is showing her the part in their "contract" where she signed her life away.

    He then stated that since child support ended, she's appearing thirsty, but should "call Floyd because he'll let her strip."

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  3. Marquise, their 20-year-old son, slammed his father in the comments; "And y'all wonder why I don't respect him as a man or a father."

    "You had a good run, but it's over big fella," said Marquise. "It's been a decade. You're 40+; grow up any day now." One fan asked why he never checks his mom in situations like this, and Tompkins quickly pointed out that "my son knows me just as well as he knows him! That says it all."

    It's unfortunate that this doesn't seem to be resolving cordially, but eventually we hope Fif lets bygones be bygones.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ)


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