T.I. Fumbled On Signing Drake: "I Just Couldn't See It"

T.I. Fumbled On Signing Drake: "I Just Couldn't See It"

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Published October 4, 2018

T.I. took a break from siding with Kanye West and his thoughts on the 13th amendment and demanding that "love-deprived, nosy ass miserable b*tches mind their business," in terms of his marriage, stopped by The Breakfast Club for a quick interview.

The ATL rap star mentioned that prison cost him losing Meek Mill as a Grand Hustle signee. Tip does consider Meek to be "fam," as well as everyone else featured on his forthcoming album, Dime Trap.

  1. DJ Envy asked Tip who else did he miss out on signing when he had the chance and many might be shocked by his answer.

    Tip didn't blame it on prison, though. He blamed it on his own oblivion, rather "the deep sleep of success." During this time, he admits that he dropped the ball on one of the biggest Canadian emcees of all time, Drake. "It was Drake before the beard. It was bare-faced Drake. It just hadn't caught all the way up yet," Tip explained.

  2. "The type of music, that sound of music, the emo sound, it just wasn't necessarily prevalent at the time. I just couldn't see the curve," he continued.

    He didn't mention whether he regrets his decision, in hindsight. Like he said, though, how could he have known? Check out the full interview below.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photos from left: Noel Vasquez/GC Images, Prince Williams/Wireimage)


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