LMAO: Please See K. Michelle Go TF Off After Catching This White Girl Twerking On Her Porch

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 30:  K. Michelle performs at NeueHouse Hollywood on November 30, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Oliver Walker/Getty Images)

LMAO: Please See K. Michelle Go TF Off After Catching This White Girl Twerking On Her Porch

"Get yo a** off this motherf**king porch, b**ch!"

Published October 5, 2018

Here’s a simple rule for ringing R&B songstress K. Michelle’s doorbell to sell your product, collect a petition signature, or pass along some information for your cause: don’t.

Especially not if you’re going to play in her doorbell camera, which one young white girl did, and terribly regretted, before experiencing the shock of a lifetime that hilariously sent her scramming down the driveway and speeding away on her golf cart.

  1. K posted the knee-slapping doorbell camera footage on Instagram, which begins by showing the girl arriving on the front porch via her golf cart

    She heads back to grab a clipboard and waits a few moments for the home owner’s answer at the door. She must have gotten a little bored and decided to horse around in the camera to kill time while awaiting K’s arrival. The girl first throws up a peace sign to the lens, which she’s clearly aware is surveilling her. Then, in a hilarious twist no one saw coming, she walks a few steps back, turns her derriere to the camera, and starts twerking away.

  2. Her twerk-off gets abruptly interrupted by the ‘Rebellious Soul’ songstress, though…

    Whose voice blares out of the doorbell microphone at the girl. “Get the f**k off my porch!” she hollered, stopping the porch visitor in her tracks before the girl bolted back to her golf cart. “Get yo a** off this motherf**king porch, b**ch!” And just like that, the girl was gone like the wind on her caddie.

    According to K, this wouldn’t be the first visit the girl has paid to her front porch either, as explained in the caption of the video. “I don’t know who this lady is that keeps ringing my door bell everyday!” she wrote. “We don’t want none of what you selling. I had to be the voice of reason.”

  3. The girl must not have known that K could respond via the doorbell speaker either, she pointed out

    Hence her startled reaction after hearing a very pissed off K. Michelle banish her from the porch. “She didn’t know I could speak to her wherever I’m at from my phone. I don’t play about privacy at my house. Don’t disrespect my house little bo peep! Don’t come back either! 😂😂😂.”

    Thanks to her Ring doorbell’s security features, K added, she’s alerted whenever there’s even the slightest bit of motion on her property. Despite her explosive reaction, K clarified that she wasn’t actually upset with the girl, however. “I was playing wit her,” she said. “I was in tears laughing!!! She didn’t know where that voice was coming from!”

    We’re in tears right along with you, K. See her hilarious doorbell dismissal in the video below.

  4. And for those bothered by K’s words for the terrified girl…

    K’s got a mouthful for you, too.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Oliver Walker/Getty Images)


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