Find Out How This Stripper Tried To Prove Her Sexual Conquests With Waka Flocka

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Find Out How This Stripper Tried To Prove Her Sexual Conquests With Waka Flocka

The alleged ordeal went down after his wife's birthday.

Published October 5, 2018

Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka's martial issues have been on the public's radar for quite some time now. Rivera spilt from the ATL rap star back in 2016 and Waka did everything he could win his wife back. He admitted to his prior infidelity and professed his love for on Live & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, season 6.

Back in May, while promoting her EP, Fate, Tammy sat with the notorious trio of The Breakfast Club and divulged why she took her husband back. "I don't really talk about it because people won't understand it on the level that I speak on it, but it was a spiritual battle with my husband," she said. "I felt like my marriage was worth fighting for. I know the potential of what he had to be," she stated.

  1. The two were boo'd up for her birthday dinner, back in July, but it seems after the festivities ended, Waka went back to his old habits.
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  2. A stripper named La Baam came forward with accusations and 'evidence' that she and Waka slept together in early August.

    Baam is seen on video during her interview with gossip blogger Tasha K digging through the trash. She insists she wasn't searching the used condom because she watched the "No Hands" emcee flush it, but instead was looking for the condom wrapper... which was on the bathroom counter.

    Baam, as a fan, met Waka during his appearance at Club Grand - Grand Sierra Resort in Las Vegas. They took a picture together and she states he asked her to DM it to him on Instagram. From there, they were conversing via text and he escorted her to the Executive Level suites, where he had a room prepared for her.

  3. Later in the interview, Baam reveals that she is married and her husband is incarcerated.

    Playing devil's advocate, Tasha inquired about why she would sleep with a married man. Baam states that she didn't feel comfortable asking about the status of his "personal situation." She claimed her reasoning for exposing the situation is because "it's better for me to say what happened than to let outsiders assume what happened." However, the story took a weird turn when she says she outed him to beat someone else involved to it. 

    Her "cousin" had a "video for sale," but Baam's intention wasn't to extort him. However, Baam can "neither confirm nor deny" that she was paid for this one night stand. She does reiterate that she isn't trying to be a home wrecker, but at this point, throw the whole situation away. 

    Neither Waka nor Tammy have spoken about these claims, but whew, chile ... a mess. Check out the full exposé, evidence included, below.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)


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