Diplo Accuses Dame Dash Of Thievery After Appropriating Black Music For Years

Diplo Accuses Dame Dash Of Thievery After Appropriating Black Music For Years

Why you mad, bro?

Published October 6, 2018

Kanye West has been rekindling his relationship with Dame Dash recently, and it has an unlikely third party in their feelings.

  1. ‘Ye recently re-posted a message the former Roc-A-Fella Records CEO sent him, which reveals a brand new beat with a soulful and jazz sound to it.

    “Don’t talk that s**t saying you ready to rap. Have me come cook some s**t up,” Dash says in the videos. “Get in the lab, you know, and make s**t up. F**k all that other dumb s**t, n***a. I’m in the studio, n***a, making motherf***king records.”

    It’s not certain, but we’re thinking that Yeezy liked the beat he was hearing and possibly part of the reason he posted the vids. Apparently, Diplo didn’t like what he was hearing because he claims the instrumentals were actually his. He took to Twitter, reposted the video and included the caption, “This is my actual song tho.”  

  2. He’s referring to the track “Sarah” from his 2008 album Florida. The songs have a similar sound, however, it’s seriously ironic that Diplo would accuse Dash of copying him when he has been accused of appropriating and imitating Black music for years. 

    Rihanna previously described Diplo’s music as “reggae song[s] at an airport” and his video and song for “Lean On” was seen as appropriating Indian culture. His work with Major Lazer has also been criticized for appropriating dancehall.

    When asked about the difference between influence and appropriation earlier this year, his response could be seen as less-than-thoughtful. “I might be too tired to answer that in a good way,” Diplo answered. “I don’t...really...f**king care. What kind of music am I supposed to make?

    “Being a white American, you have zero cultural capital, unless you’re doing Appalachian fiddle music or something. I’m just a product of my environment,” he continued. “I’m sure The Clash never had people mad at them for co-opting [black music].”

    What do you think? Does Diplo have a point, or are you playing him the world’s smallest violin? He did respond to another Twitter user and acknowledged that ‘Ye’s post was “free promo.”

Written by BET Staff

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